5 Visiting the Huge Cosmic Eye

Visiting the Huge Cosmic Eye

Posted on April 29, 2013 by team

There is a unique object in the village of the Russian Far East called Galyonki – the Separate Command and Measurement Complex of Aerospace Defense Forces of Russia. in its turn, this Complex has a unique system “Quantum-D” with one of the largest in Russia antenna system P-2500, and the system “Quantum-P” equipped with P-30S antenna. The system works with the ICS.
It was the very place from where in 2001 there was given the command to flood “Mir” space station. And in 1961 this very system was used for the first flight of a man into space.

This is the monstrous transmit and receive antenna P-2500 of the complex “Quantum-D”.  На

P-2500 (PT-70) antenna was made in 1985 for tracking of deep space. The similar antenna was also built in Evpatoria. The tracking station, P-2500 belonged to, was working in an experimental mode within the range of 3,5 cm with an American space vehicle “Voyager” at the distances more than 6 billion kilometres.

In the period of 1991-1996 the P-2500 was being used as a radio telescope as part of European and American interferometric networks with the super huge base.

Apart from the P-2500, the Separate Command and Measurement Complex of Aerospace Defense Forces has a lot of different radio and optical-laser means: for example, Complex “Saturn-MSD” created in 1971 that includes two antennas with diameters of 25 (trasmitting one) and 32 meters (receiving one).

One can get to the antenna of the P-2500 on the elevator.

Further one should go afoot to the mirror itself.

The diameter of the main mirror of the antenna complex is 70 meters!

The complex is a part of the Main Test Space Center of the Ministry of Defence of Russia and it works in the test mode.

P-2500 was used in 1961 for providing the flight of the first man into space.


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    Very, very interesting post. I’ve seen a similar big antenna north of Moscow, but i guess it was something related to space mission control center.

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    they’re standing well to the zenith of where the ladders start. impressive.

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