2 At the Most Famous Russian Bell Casting Factory

At the Most Famous Russian Bell Casting Factory

Posted on April 29, 2013 by team

There is something fascinating about bells. Maybe because they are not just tools creating special pure sounds. They are also means of communication with God and other people. They serve to attract people’s attention to events taking place in a church. Bellringing after all can be solemn or mournful, it can tell the good news or simply please our ears with the music created by a bell-ringer.

More than this, each bell is a masterpiece by itself.

In a little city of Tutaev of the Yaroslavl region there is a bell casting factory. Probably it can be called world-known. Bells of Tutaev ring all over Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

They should think about details first: how will this bell look like? Then they cut patterns which will determine its shape. And only then starts the long process when clay is put on the rod layer by layer. This clay is special, by the way. It is brought from some quarry of the Yaroslavl region. But do not ask which quarry exactly. It’s the secret of the masters of Tutaev.

The owner and the soul of the factory is Nikolay Shuvalov. In fact the factory is named after him – The Bell Casting Factory of Nikolay Shuvalov. He knows everything about bells creation.


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    Translate in Greek.Είδα τη 7 τόνων σπασμένη καμπάνα στη Μόσχα.Γνωρίζω και το γεγονός οτι ο Μέγας Πέτρος
    έλιωσε όλες τις καμπάνες για να κατασκευάσει κανόνια.Τώρα εσύ τη γνώμη έχεις για αυτά?
    Καλώς ή κακώς????

  2. Osip says:

    “This one was made with support of the former president of Russia and his family. By the way it’s not very big.”
    Neither is he.

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