2 Better Dont Move a House!

Better Dont Move a House!

Posted on April 26, 2013 by team

In 1929 they built one house in Sadovnicheskaya street of Moscow. It was 88 meters long (289 ft). The house had such a construction which consisted of a longer and a shorter parts. Once it was decided to move the house – and not the shorter part, but the longer one which was 86 meters long (282 ft) and 9 thousand tons heavy, besides they planned to turn this part for nineteen degrees.
In 1937 the house was moved along the railways – all the process took a week and did not require eviction of people.
Due to the instability of the foundation the trolleys were left in the basement without being removed after the operation.

The building was new (1929), but its structural rigidity was far from being good, besides, it had been standing on the boggy ground.


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  1. archy bunka says:

    Friends, I have just read of this awful fire at a hospital outside Moscow. One thing I noticed, while visiting your country was this: Stairways in a Khrushchev era building, were open. This means no fire door to prevent the expansion of smoke, and flame in the building. Nothing, nothing, is worse than dying in a fire. It is so unnecessary. Modern construction techniques, inexpensive smoke alarms, are all available. The government must revise standards to prevent these tragedy’s.

  2. andre says:

    some years ago, i saw a documentary in the discovery cannel, about doing the same thing wite the Pentagon, in US, and the proyect consisted in using a lot (A LOT)of hidraulic jacks

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