3 Epic Hot Water Fountain

Epic Hot Water Fountain

Posted on April 11, 2013 by tim


The most epic underground fountain made up of hot water sprung on one of Smolensk city main square. Throwing tons of trash and stones as large as a building brick it found its way deep from inside of the ground and high into the skies, sending the rocks and dirt all across the parking lot. We have here more photos and a video how it all started, luckily captured on a surveillance cam.



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3 Responses to “Epic Hot Water Fountain”

  1. Tony Boney says:

    They need individual water heaters in Smolensk to do away with thermocommunism.

  2. WWtS says:

    Trivia: several years ago a hot water pipe broke in St. Petersburg, washing the grund away and creating a pit. Sadly, a woman stepping out of the car has fell into this pit, boiling alive.

  3. Randy says:

    Will the moderator please wipe those last 2 comments, I didn’t type them in thanks

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