15 City Is Going Under Ground

City Is Going Under Ground

Posted on April 7, 2013 by


All this things happened in one city of Samara, in just recent times. The citizens panic that the city is gradually going under the ground, they started signing a petition to save their city from the unseen crysis which creeps them out – the city is literally sinking.













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15 Responses to “City Is Going Under Ground”

  1. peterus says:

    Russian roads. Nothing to be proud of,dear russians.

  2. petrohof says:

    not really so unusual or even not explained. old underground water and sewer pipes leak and wash away ground. just need to replace all underground utilities! yes, i know, VERY much money and probably not available.

  3. yob says:

    Some of these look like burst underground pipes. The heated water piped through states across the former Soviet Union causes them to wear out. The water washes out the ground beneath the concrete. Russia should phase these out and require hot water tanks in buildings.

  4. sam sentina says:

    Looks like sinkholes. Either limestone underneath or excessive drawdown of ground water

  5. Richard S. says:

    Sinkholes are becoming a problem in developing cities. In the case of Samara, it seems incurable. The underground water system needs modernization. I hope Samara can deliver themselves out of this tragic situation.

  6. timothy says:

    Faulty storm drains and sewers too. Probably broken pipes, they leak and wash away the supporting sand. Nothing left to hold the road up. I work for a company that supplies the large diameter storm drain pipe. Yes, it is very expensive!! It shocks me!

  7. Number says:

    Underground landslides…moving.demolize the water and sewer pipes,ground,gets to muddy,the river can’t take all the water there away on his route and takes land with it,when it’s satisfied….
    Check Google Maps and u will see that..

  8. Number says:

    If i where the Russians overthere i should think about digging a second natural drain near Mayak or something further…….

  9. Osip says:

    Is crap infrastructure legacy from Soviet times. It will only get worse.

  10. Tampa_Pirate says:

    Been to Canada, Sweden & Norway and never saw roads as terrible as the road conditions in Russia. The weather excuse just doesn’t cut it.

  11. takhoi says:

    Just like San Diego,Ca (USA).The goverment failed on their duty.

  12. Jamiroquai says:

    I’m going deeper underground
    There’s too much panic in this town

  13. Patriot says:

    Russians will pave asphault over anything. Cobblestones, sand, dirt, water, snow, grass, and so on. I’m going to take a shot and say it wasn’t the 90,000 tanks, the 80,000 nuclear warheads, or even the 2000 nuclear submaires and 13 million man military that collapsed the Soviet Union…I’m going to say it was the roads that collapsed. :)

  14. Oleksej says:

    Zdrastwujtie tawarisze! In the Poland, even it is better… but, not many. :(

  15. Bob the Chef says:

    Oleksej: Have you been to Poland, or are you just doing the national sport of complaining. Sure, Polish roads aren’t top notch, but it’s not because of potholes or even sink holes. This doesn’t even come close. It’s mostly the slow pace at which new highways are being built and old ones replaced to accommodate east-west trucking. Many Polish roads weren’t constructed to handle the amount of heavy traffic and trade we’re seeing these days, and this causes roads to deform, requiring replacement of the asphalt. But what really needs replacing is the substrate which supports the asphalt. That, and newer highways. You can blame the corrupt former Commies still in power in your country for the relatively slow pace of construction. But as I said, you this is an isolate case and not representative of Russia, much less any of the former Eastern Bloc.

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