3 Real Street Art

Real Street Art

Posted on April 5, 2013 by tim


What you see on the picture above is not a photoshopped version of pic before and after but rather a real life before and after shots of the illegal street art. Yes, it was totally illegal and guerrilla act of decorating world around us in Russian city of Novosibirsk – the third largest city of the nation. It was meticiously planned way ahead which involved taking the precise measurments and then crafting the giant lampshades that covered the street lamps. The result is a beautiful creation which shaded the street light and turned the street into a more miraclous place.

Check this video to understand how it looks in real life:

At first the authorities wanted to take it down but they received numerous calls of the people from the neighborhood demanding to leave this stuff on, for the sake of the beauty and art and at the end of the day they gave up and decided to leave those shades in place.

This is how it was mounted, overnight and while nobody was watching:

via t-radya

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3 Responses to “Real Street Art”

  1. Thinking is great says:

    This is just what the boring life we live needs to come back to the real world around us.

  2. fire.ekb says:

    This is Ekaterinburg, not Novosibirsk. You can see in the video the main building of the Urals State University and the opera-ballet of the city

  3. Herb says:

    Well, Mert, you can go and puke then. What an idiot…

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