11 Driving in Moscow

Driving in Moscow

Posted on April 3, 2013 by tim


Driving around Moscow lately is not easy – the all snow started to melt and this is what you get – brownish water, and luxury Mercedes and other cars cruising thru this.



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11 Responses to “Driving in Moscow”

  1. bobs says:

    i had no idea those cars would run under water! cool russians.

  2. critter says:

    Wow…..Several cars all splashing thru the same mud puddle. How exciting!

  3. Richard S. says:

    Did they make it?

  4. George Johnson says:


  5. Why you buy a DIESEL, they do not have SPARK PLUGS.

  6. Andrés says:

    It doesn’t matter if the car is Diesel or not, what matters is the lower air intake of the motor. In older models, the air inlet to the air filter was over the carburetor, rememeber the dish shape air filter receptacle over it? Well, with that design you’ll never get water inside the motor. On the other hand, all modern cars today use the air filter on one side of the motor, with the air intake pointing below, almost at an height from the ground equal to the height of the car floor. Even if the water level is less than the height of the car’s floor, the wave generated when crusing will probably increase the chance for the motor to aspire water. This in turn will introduce water to the cilinders… when the piston tries to compress it, the piston rod will break and the crackshaft will bend (or break too). Bad engineering design in all modern cars! An advice: drive very slow in order to prevent the formation of a water shock wave in the car front, thus you’ll minimize the chance of aspiring water through the air filter intake.

  7. damzel says:

    Well Andrés, not to be too much of a party pooper but I see several cars where the water almost splashes over the hood. And I see no stalled cars. This means either they have an incredibly fast towing service, or the problem you picture isn’t that much of a problem…

    • Justin says:

      The scenario he is describing is called hydrolocking, and it is a very serious problem. It doesn’t always kill the car immediately, but when it does, it’s pretty dramatic. The design of the air intake boxes in modern cars do their best to mitigate the risk of water aspiration, but there are a few pictures in here that suggest they may have met that fate. And Andrés, it is actually incredibly good engineering, in that we are not stuck with carburetors anymore!

  8. ox says:

    it must have been a good camera shooting this pictures. the guy in the first car is pretty visible, it was used a polarization filter perhaps. then the moving scenes were shot, clearly from distance with contrast

  9. hss says:

    What is the point of having those nice cars when you cannot afford proper government to fix the roads? Good that your new aristocrats have lots of money so they can afford moving to London.

  10. aldebaran says:

    Mertz and decay… typical exCCCP

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