6 A Sudden Blizzard

A Sudden Blizzard

Two big Siberian cities in Russia are connected by a good road in between. Today you can't pass there because of nine feet snow. Above you can see
it as of now, below - how it used to look in summer. They say there are already casualties of people buried right in their cars...

32 Wedding in Africa

Wedding in Africa

So... Photos of the Russian woman from Moscow city, the capital of Russia and the top city by standards of living, wages and stuff like this, since Soviet era
Moscow was different from the rest of Russia and it stays so now too, so the girl from the capital city went to marry a guy in Africa. That's how it went.

7 And Monastery for All

And Monastery for All

There is a small island near the St. Petersburg, on the big water plain that used to be called the largest lake of Europe, and so there is an island there, rocks, hundred year old pine trees, stuff like that. And it used to be popular a lot among the monks who went there to keep their different pledges, like vow of silence. Since then they've built themselves a monastery there which became one of the
largest and popular ones, even Russian Tsars have paid their visits to the island and a monastery. Couple of centuries ago it wasn't that classy yet, the untouched nature, the wooden huts of monks - looked like a real hideout at that time. And by the way on the top photo you can see the monk that vowed not to speak ever again, standing under some awesome pine tree of the past.
7 And Hot Sausage for All

And Hot Sausage for All

Looks like everyone wants to
enjoy big meaty sausage...
18 United Forever in Friendship and Labor

United Forever in Friendship and Labor

Have you ever wondered how the Soviet anthem sounds in English? Sometime ago an American celebrity sung the
magnificent Soviet anthem for the enjoyment of the peoples of the West. Long live the Soviet Union!
18 How to Hide a Tank

How to Hide a Tank

This is how you hide the tank in Soviet Army. Nobody would ever guess that's it's not a hobbit lair but a full
size tank. Click to enlarge full screen and enjoy all the smaller details of this ingenious trick.  

15 Thanks All, Spring is Here!

Thanks All, Spring is Here!

Spring is here, finally! Minus thirty two Celcius scale
was reported yesterday night in St. Petersburg.

15 Belorussian Smugglers

Belorussian Smugglers

Having price tag differences of more than 400% between the non European Union Belarus and the European Union Lithuania makes people do lots of tricks in the hope of smuggling goods from one country to the other. Like
the ones you see in these pics. They say that in both Belarus and Lithuania lots of garages offer the service of installing hidden compartments anywhere in the car, from the bumper to the dashboard.

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