22 Vending Machine Soda Theft

Vending Machine Soda Theft

A thirsty lad owning a measuring tape can get his urge for soda relieved with ease dealing with a wending machine. The basic arithmetics of this is the price of the tin can is worth of twenty five Russian money, which is
roughly 80 cents, which brings them to the total pillage of less than four dollars, and then the penal code of Russia gets three years peniciary minimum for such a deed. So, please, don't try this at home.
6 Saying No to Vodka

Saying No to Vodka

You gotta be a strong civil activist in modern day world and stand still to protect it. Like, if you say "No!" to an excessive drinking that is plaguing your country you need
to take measures like this glorious man in a Moscow grocery store, tired of young men and women drinking he said his firm "No!" to drinking in this affirmative way.
14 Lake Baikal Today

Lake Baikal Today

Just one clickable photo made at lake Baikal this
winter by Alexei Trofimov. via photosight.ru
39 Ex Air Force Colonel Goes to McDonalds

Ex Air Force Colonel Goes to McDonalds

...as a regular fast food chain worker. He cleans tables and serves customers and generally is fond of his job. "I like my job, it's much better than to work in security or some other dull business. Here I can see different people, talk to youngsters and teach them
life". His ex colleagues find his choice pretty decent and don't condemn him for working in the fast food chain, as they say "the real Soviet or Russian officer should be able to do any job without a regret or despair, this what we've been told".
2 Not Your Usual Gangnam Style

Not Your Usual Gangnam Style

They've got gangnam style, but we've got something else. Keep looking to see who is doing what. It's a pretty mind-breaking thing to see, or is it the doppler effect in action. They really should patent this kind of dance and sell the
rights to entertainers all over the world. However, they say this is not a new idea, and it was invented by German/Polish cabaret dancers some time ago, however it has never before been performed by a team of Russian students.
12 Spring in St. Petersburg

Spring in St. Petersburg

Spring in St. Petersburg. One photo, goes
uncommented just for a viewing "pleasure".
8 Meanwhile in

Meanwhile in

Meanwhile in ... . Just one
pic, no comments, no text.
5 Untouched Nature in Trail Cam Photos

Untouched Nature in Trail Cam Photos

Activists in Altai high mountains have been installing the awesome trail cameras for quite a while to make the really cool images of the animals in the wild who totally don't suspect they are being caught on
camera. Just enjoy the untouched nature at its best. Also, every photo except the top one is clickable to enjoy large format view of the Altai. Use arrow left arrow right to navigate back and forth.
6 City Transport Goes Out of This Earth

City Transport Goes Out of This Earth

The alien influence brought to Russia by the recent meteor continues to unfold. So just a few words out of history class first. In Soviet times all the public transportation in Soviet cities belonged to the state (as everything else did). However when the free fall of free market society began a lot of cities still kept the public transportation as a state owned business. This city has its own trolleybuses business - buses that ran on a cheap electricity thru the lines built mostly in Soviet times. What's so cool about it is that a few days ago the pretty respectable executive of the bus business has introduced (and already placed it all over the city bus park) their new
logo which has a flying big black red-eyed bat carrying the bus in its hands and the motto above it says "Earth goodbye! Farewell!", like the bat itself was not enough. When asked what is this about, the chief executive said that he designed the new logo by himself. Also he came with an idea of a slogan, noting that this is a phrase he likes a lot and it makes feel him well so he wanted the people to feel well riding the bus as well. As he is the top manager of the company he approved the new design also by himself. And now all their corporate letterheads and business cards would be decorated by this symbol as well.
4 Russian Homemade Helicopters Can Actually Fly People Around

Russian Homemade Helicopters Can Actually Fly People Around

Dashing thru the snow on... a helicopter! While westerners got a rising trend of building those small helicopters you can fly remotely with iphones Russians do it much harder way. They build full size scaled models out of old plumbing pipes, motorcycles and other trash they can find so that they could fly around the snowy plains and nobody can stop a guy in garage to pursuit his dreams of
flying today when you have all the accessories being sold for free. This video has three examples of brilliant engineering out of everyday items which can fly you around and look like a boss. And you always have a choice - to sit around or go and build a flying machine. Watch it - looks so cool. Who said you ought to be a millionaire to own your own helicopter.

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