37 Army These Days

Army These Days

Posted on March 31, 2013 by tim


Someone has sent a photo taken during the recent military drill. Because army is a place of equal possibility, now in Russia too!


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37 Responses to “Army These Days”

  1. Gorlum says:

    they are trained for African armies

  2. zipp says:

    They are fee paying military students from Africa on a training course. Sorry to disappoint.

  3. anti-toad says:

    WTF? Russia? Really?

  4. anti-toad says:

    Be careful Russia! Do not become like the USA !!

    • Alex says:

      Bro, some of our whites are way more scary than most of your blacks. But thanks for the word of advice anyway.

    • John Arley Burns says:

      Yes, do not become like the USA! We don’t Russia to have 2 1/2 times the per capita income and the world’s largest military and the leading universities! Russia keep your Gasprom, let USA do unimportant things like Google, Intel, Amgen.

      Because this is where having mixed race will lead you, and you don’t want that. Keep enjoying your “pure Russian” road system and freedom of expression.

      • Tiger says:

        Yes, and how many inter-racial marriages do you have in the US? It is practically apartheid like South Africa. And Russia has technology companies as well, like Kaspersky, Sinterra and Yota. And if this sort of mixed race eugenics would work, than Brazil or Cuba should be the richest countries of them all. The US is rich because its last war fought on its own terrain was in 1861 and because it has had vast natural resources on its disposal. Having said that, the US is about to go bankrupt with almost 100% dept to GDP ratio and most of its industry being dependent on state contracts such as pharma/life science and defence. The technology sector on the other hand tends to source out its production and R&D to Asia. So you guys can go back farming in a couple of decades. Cheers…

        • Tiger says:

          And a short addendum:The reason Russia has very few African people is that they did not enslave them in the first place like you did. Yet, Russia has very broad genetic pool and in fact most Russians do have more diverse bloodlines than most Anlgo-Saxons or Germans for instance.

      • ni says:

        U must be black

  5. David says:

    The 3rd picture show a soldier wearing a 2 Stars Rank Epaulette.

    Is this a rank epaulette of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation?

    If yes, the position of 2 Stars seem like a Lieutenant General rank which I doubt a serviceman like him can be promoted with short duration.

    Anyone care to advice?

  6. someone says:

    probably foreign trainees,
    later they will pass the knowledge to their peers back home

  7. Benzin says:

    The United States Russian africa?

    • Tiger says:

      No, they are military students from abroad. Probably Angola or Mozambique. In Soviet times there were some cities with thousands of military personell from abroad. So this picture is in fact no new development…

  8. Freddie says:

    Total B.S. There are no blacks in Russian Army. If they are there it is only because they are being trained for service in an African country as non-Russian Nationals.

  9. Andrew says:

    They’ll become pirates in Somalia.

  10. Osip says:

    Why are RF training Americans??

  11. Patriot says:

    Russia would have to execute all the politicians starting with Pooty-tin and have free elections and no dictatorship to even be close to America.

  12. Ded Pihto says:

    Calm down everybody!
    Just another terrorist cell that is getting its training from Russia.

  13. lebellerachael says:

    probably African soldiers training with the Russian paratroopers, I am sure it happens, it certainly did in soviet times.

  14. David says:

    The 3rd picture show a soldier wearing a 2 Stars Rank Epaulette.

    If he is wearing a rank epaulette of South African National Defence Force, he should be the rank of Lieutenant

    Can they wear uniform of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and at the same time wearing a rank epaulette of South African National Defence Force?

    This is because I only see foreign soldier wearing their own home country uniform or their host country uniform for training but not both as it consider an inappropriate attire.

    Anyone care to advice?

  15. Sam says:

    Wow, that’s an awesome camuflage for misions in Africa

  16. There goes the neighborhood!!!

  17. srdjan says:

    end of russian army. Sorry

  18. Dutchy says:

    Blue barrets? thats the UNIFIL army they have lost there way i think look at google hahaha

  19. xxxxxxx says:

    Gutentag 1,2,polizei 3,4liter bier

  20. MaLv says:

    Racism is still rife in ‘ol Russia. Grow up guys, we love you, love the human race in return.

  21. May Lacuesti says:

    Why there is almost no African Americans in the Russian army?

    What kind of racism is that?


  22. Tiger says:

    I read about this in another Russian magazine. Yes, they are foreign trainees from Angola. Russia offers military training for cash.

    • Slaven says:

      Seems there is some USSR picture in the background of those conference photos. I wonder when were they taken. USSR helped Angola in its fight against western puppet government and Angolan force won despite gorbachevs sabotage of the Soviet system.

  23. léo says:

    it is normal, i have many friends who were trained by russian forces, it is good for russia to form officers then sell weapons…

  24. Bob says:

    There are many black people with russian citicenship. During the cold war many students from africa came to russia, some stayed, some married.
    They had children.
    Around 400000 students from africa made their degree in soviet russia.
    The Afro-Russian community is around 40k-100k depending on sources.
    Russia also offers citizenship trough military service, just like the U.S.A. do. And beeing a russian citizen is way better then beeing the citizen of for example Eritrea. At least from an economic viewpoint.

  25. Edwin says:

    i dont think so you can not get the US citizenship by military service in united states..Bob that was in the vietnam time in the 60 or 40…and in Russia either…..

  26. Ivanka says:

    First picture… Russian Black Ops :D

  27. Dobrod says:

    There is some black peaples in Russia. Mostly they come directly from Africa or are their childrens. No problems with them. With childrens especcialy.

  28. joe says:

    there is some africans in russian army. videos prove it. also theres french in russian army !!! russian army is much better now…

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