8 Untouched White Sea Shore

Untouched White Sea Shore

Posted on March 28, 2013 by tim


When the South of Russia has a Black Sea which is being pounded by stronger storms later, the White Sea is pretty calm. In fact it is always calm in winter as it is covered with ice. The White Sea basically is a full time sea, with salt water, with white sand beaches, sea animals and sea fishes but unlike all other southern seas it gets fully covered by ice in winter. People lived there for thousands of years enjoying the sea hunt and fishing. You still can find historically untouched architecture and get a clue how people lived here five hundred years ago.




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8 Responses to “Untouched White Sea Shore”

  1. Loucee says:

    Very beautiful!! Sometimes I feel as though I need someplace like this to go to away from everyone and everything.

  2. Peter Vinge says:

    Very Nice Photos !!

  3. benzin says:

    Putin’s cottage?

  4. jens holsted says:

    Very nice and Beautiful pictures,Dreamy landscape

  5. oldbikr says:

    A very emotionally compelling scene. No wonder Russians are so soulful people.

  6. lok says:


  7. Nikolay says:

    Hello everybody! I’m from region of White sea. It’s very hard not to agree with you all. This is – stunningly beautiful place on Earth, especially in the summer. Rivers are filled with wild atlantic salmon, arctic grayling, gorbusha and northern pike. People looks very young for their age. Pure oxygen is around. But you should know – You will need to think about offline sources of electricity, fuel (find a local friend) fishing lures and tackles, bread, salt (buy this items in Arkhangelsk) and potatoes ( possible to grow in these places). You will need an inflatable boat, motor and waders, as well as warm clothes for winter (Arkhangelsk). Another problem – thousands of angry insects in hot weather. If this is not the problems – Welcome to the Russian North.

  8. Rodrigo says:

    Does anyone know the exactly location where the pictures were taken?
    It’s a really worth visiting place!

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