18 How the Sukhoi Superjets Are Being Built

How the Sukhoi Superjets Are Being Built

Posted on March 27, 2013 by kulichik

These Superjets are the first passenger jet planes that are built after the formation of new Russia and also that is the first passenger plane of SU company which previously built only well known SU military jets. The 33rd airplane is being assembled currently in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. So today we can see how SSJ100 is built on the Far East of Russia.

It must be noted that assimilation of new equipment is always related to certain difficulties. Problems of the past need to be eliminated and the airplanes must be modernized. The main thing about Sukhoi is that its pilots and constructors love the vehicle. They are engaged in airplane construction and are very proud of it.

Assembly of a finished product occurs in nine sections. Here you can see the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth sections of the final assembly workshop. The first one is not seen as it is hidden behind the central airplane. Still the entire wonder starts at the first section. The fuselage will soon be enriched with doors and a fin.

However, assembly of an airplane is still the simplest thing. As later it is followed by a very complicated and critical activity related to wiring harness layout and repair of power supply system.

Employees work daily in three shifts and every shift about 300 workers are engaged in the working process.

Center section of an airplane. Outer wings will be attached to it at the second section. One fuel reservoir is located in the very center of it, two others – in the outer wings.

Total fuel reserves account for 12690 kg.

By the way, it took 25 years to manufacture 74 Tu-204s and 24 Il-96s. And 25 both experimental and production airplanes have been produced starting from 2008.

The forebody and afterbody sections are made in Novosibirsk. They reach Komsomolsk-on-Amur following a standard road.


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18 Responses to “How the Sukhoi Superjets Are Being Built”

  1. B. Sterk says:

    A great plane, and beautifully made, but some corrections to a few statements:

    ‘In April 2012 it was able to withstand bird strikes.’ — All engines can withstand bird strikes

    ‘The airplane is unique because it has a digital fly-by-wire system. Abroad only A380 has a similar control system.’ — All modern Airbus aircraft, and other, are fly-by-wire.

    But, nice blog post and a beautiful airplane:)

  2. dude says:

    @ B.Jerk:
    You are wrong, it´s says DIGITAL fly-by-wire…

    • Humptidumpti says:

      He is actually not wrong. Airbus launched full DIGITAL fly-by-wire in 1984. Today pretty much every modern Airliner is digital fly-by-wire^^

      But also. Nice pictures. Hope these won`t crash like the last one….

      • Tovarich Volk says:

        I believe that crash was due to Pilot Error, not airframe failure. –Still though it’s not good when a plane on a high profile publicity tour crashes and kills people who are interested in buying.

  3. Russiafan says:

    Good luck to the Sukhoi. It has a tremendous amount of competition.

  4. bobs says:

    the painter girl is very pretty

  5. Deyan says:

    Everything is amazingly made and is Russian style: how can work on airplane with metal tip high heel shoes??? (See the nice shaped girl lying on the floor, obviously taking reference point)

  6. Jim Beam says:

    Clean working environment, modern technologies, pretty girls; where can I send my CV?

  7. Han says:

    I think this is the model of airplane which crashed few months ago and killing all aboard during a demostration world tour. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Salak_Sukhoi_Superjet_100_crash
    And englishrussia.com mentioned the tour but nothing related to the crash?! Something has to be improved still, after all.

    • wj says:

      >According to sources within the investigating committee, the aircraft was in full working order and the incident was ascribed to human error.

    • slvjk says:

      How they can improve the brain of dead pilot, which turned off terrain warning system?

  8. Peter Vinge says:

    Highly intresting photos !

  9. Peter says:

    some great pictures but please, dont take any notice of the captions. there are so many errors in there!

  10. RB says:

    I have a son who is 25 years old and is Autistic. He fixates on helicopters ever since he first saw one likely when he was two or three. All he wants to do is watch videos of helicopters or look at pictures. I have seen hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of pictures. The Russians have always been a pioneer in helicopter design and planes. Anyone that puts down Russian technology has no idea of what they are talking about.

  11. May Lacuesti says:

    Hand-painted yummy!

  12. RW says:

    Thales is not French, it’s a Dutch company.
    A friend of mine used to work there.

  13. Gerard says:

    A plane build by the most beautiful woman on earth, who will not fly with them.

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