17 Abandoned Future Props

Abandoned Future Props

Posted on March 22, 2013 by tim

Nice place to visit. Lots of abandoned scrapped trucks that used to be the army supplies, now stays there nobody cares. Might be used one day for movie props or for something else, crazy to think that much of good can be just wasted staying there under the open skies.


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17 Responses to “Abandoned Future Props”

  1. al says:

    I would say they are not abandoned, just not decided what to do with yet !

  2. Tony Boney says:

    Such friggin waste of everything. Maybe Putin should resurrect these and live in glory of the past.

  3. Roflcopter says:

    They could sell them to western military to be blown up on live fire ranges. This is what would have happened to them anyway if they had ever been ultimately used.

  4. Travis Forbes says:

    Wow I really like the camouflage on those GAZ-66s!

  5. MC says:

    What has happened to English Russia? Used to be multiple posts per day. Now seems to be one per day if you are lucky. Sure has went down hill which sucks, I loved seeing all the interesting posts.

  6. 1934NFA says:

    Yet another massive waste of military hardware….sad.

  7. YOARGENTINO says:

    I want one!!!

  8. IamBJC says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to get my hands on one of those big 4X4 trucks with the hard sides. Wow, what a BLAST I would have turning it into an off-road motor home RV! I’ve seen a couple Unimogs done up into motor homes and they’re just AWESOME! Completely off the grid with solar/wind/battery power, heat, air conditioning, bed, kitchen, hot water tank, etc. Tell me that wouldn’t be a blast to do! Have an RV you could go up a rocky mountain or through a river possibly up to 6 feet deep! Sorry, I guess that’s my inner red-neck talking. I would do it though! IN A HEARTBEAT!! And those Russian trucks would be PERFECT for that role because (like it or not) those Russian military vehicles are TOUGH. VERY TOUGH! Can you send me one?! LOL!

  9. Lunden says:

    How in the hell do you Russians even put up with this. These trucks should have been scrapped and recycled EONS ago. Man this stupidity is both grateing and hard to understand. I say the same thing for all the scrap in America and the world. This is just so stupid.

    Sorry to sound rude I do not mean to.

  10. bobs says:

    these russian trucks are truly great. if russia ever invaded the united states with these things, USA would not stand a chance. i admire them very much and would like to own one.

  11. John says:

    My relatives in Alaska would make campers out of those Gaz-66s. These are the only vehicles that “might” survive Alaska. Especially in Nome or Barrows.

    • Tovarich Volk says:

      Ironic that you should mention the fact that they “might” survive Alaska considering the fact that Northern Russia is basically a lot like Alaska but much Bigger due to the fact that it extends from the Bering Straits to the borders of Norway and Finland.

  12. Grozio salonas says:

    I like Ural trucks. It will be really needed after apocalypse.

  13. John Hume says:

    These should most definately be sold to anyone who wants one. They are a cash cow waiting for buyers. I’m sure there a lots who would buy them, myself incliuded.

  14. dave c ( uk ) says:

    I would love to know where these trucks are i travel a bit and would love to visit the site for photos just to show how nature takes back what we consider not needed items.

  15. michiel says:

    hwere is this place? i might want to visit it someday.

  16. Blkadder says:

    I would love to import a few of these to the States, and build one hell of a 4X4 for taking out on trails. I would probably have to replace the engines with ones that could pass emission tests, but it would be a small price to pay to have something this unique.

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