21 $650,000 Lawmakers Watch

$650,000 Lawmakers Watch

Posted on March 21, 2013 by tim


$650,000 for a wristwatch? That’s no problem if you create laws in Ukraine. The watch is some rare one that is made by special order and there are only 30 pieces of them available from a manufacturer. One can be ordered here for example, however some people in Ukrainian parliament have already got theirs and now can be photographed while the lawmaking sessions are being conducted.

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21 Responses to “$650,000 Lawmakers Watch”

  1. George Johnson says:

    Wow! How much do you PAY your lawmakers over there!?? Ours can only afford $350,000 watches. Unless of course, they “invest” in “cattle futures”.

  2. antinevralgic says:

    Damn! 650.000$ watch and an iPhone… he probably uses iPhone for whipping his ass

  3. Mr Fox says:

    The average salary in Ukraine is 319$. An average Ukranian would have to work 170 years to be able to afford one. Assuming that everything they earn go to the clock and that they don’t pay taxes.

    Sooner or later there will be a second revolution.

  4. IWillGiveYouMyOpinion says:

    Sometimes I wonder, how could be someone such dumbass to buy watch for such money? Maybe he thinks he is a demi-god and must show it. Well, enjoy your watch, mister. I hope its was worth stealing from the people.

  5. Arthur says:

    Repeat after me : c o r r u p t i o n

  6. teamsleepnine says:

    maybe he is a rich guy….most politician is rich even before they hold a position in the government…party campaign and all need money you know!!

  7. Co6aka says:

    Just more proof that politicians are the same the world over. Us “little people” of the world are just as screwed as we’ve always been; the second revolution needs to be that we ALL join together against the “1%” who’ve bled us all dry (and sent us off to kill each other, etc.) LITTLE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD UNITE!!! :-D

  8. Robert says:

    I must say I am amazed. I am amazed by the fact that these countries that belong to the corrupt and degenerate Russian sphere of influence never stop to disgust.

  9. zipp says:

    Where can I order one?

  10. Tiger says:

    Either he is the master of corruption, an oligarch or he bought it, like most Ukrainians, during a holiday trip in the middle east from a street vendor for 5$ :)

  11. Steve Down under says:

    I reckon he’s been on holiday to Bali as I bought something very similar to that for AU$ 25 from a watch shop on Kuta Square in January

  12. The Stegosaur says:

    No one needs such an expensive watch, that’s for sure. Hopefully this bastard doesn’t handle taxpayers money. If he does it’s a disgrace.

  13. OD1N says:

    $100 replica

  14. Jeff says:

    Spot on Tiger!
    Those Arabian Souks are so good at making genuine replicas. Rolex, Breitling, all the top brands. They sell on eBay for quite a bit more than the haggled Souk prices too!

  15. petrohof says:

    yep, could easily be a $5 knockoff

  16. Redhand says:

    The “legislator” looks like a complete thug. Wanna bet he doesn’t have stars tattooed on his shoulders?

  17. Daniel the Great says:

    That my friends, is what we call a “Wanker Watch”.

  18. Engineer says:

    I wouldn’t be jealous. You can get a replica from anything in the world.

    If yo want a replica of Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, you’ll get it from China easily. They just don’t make smaller orders than 20,000 items, so you need some cash.

    Chinese people will reverse-engineer anything you want. The product might be 100% indentical, just the materials are worse.

  19. Klaus says:

    Bring Lenin back!

  20. 山下智久love the samsung galaxy says:

    so in the usa dont have corruption and bribery???
    i want to know…

  21. Raud says:

    EUR or USD? The title and the caption gives different information. Even though it still is A LOT of money, the difference is quite large…

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