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Meanwhile in

Posted on March 12, 2013 by tim


Meanwhile in … . Just one pic, no comments, no text.

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8 Responses to “Meanwhile in”

  1. Klaus says:

    One more hard brakes and over

  2. Jim-Bob says:

    Umm… Stop and put it in reverse?

  3. Duszek says:

    Rosja rządzi :D

  4. DouglasU says:

    Someone is having a bad day…..tomorrow will be better…no worries.

  5. Jewels Vern says:

    He can’t jam on the brakes to knock the guy off because of the anti-lock braking system.

    • Karl says:

      I find that the farther north you go, the more you find instances where things like “anti-lock braking systems” don’t work.

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