18 How to Hide a Tank

How to Hide a Tank

Posted on March 5, 2013 by tim

This is how you hide the tank in Soviet Army. Nobody would ever guess that’s it’s not a hobbit lair but a full size tank. Click to enlarge full screen and enjoy all the smaller details of this ingenious trick.


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18 Responses to “How to Hide a Tank”

  1. Maus says:

    I’d rather say that they masked not the tank, but it absence, using few track pieces, a couple of metal sheets and some tin cans, all creatively arranged around the turf pile.

  2. Maus says:

    :(sorry for the typos)

  3. JCR says:

    Old german army joke:
    “Tank crew #3, 3rd Platoon 2nd Company is the winner of the tank camouflage contest.
    Also, Tank crew #3, 3rd Platoon 2nd Company is to report immidiately to file a loss report for its tank”

  4. PK says:

    Can’t hide from infrared

  5. notgiven says:

    bad photoshop

  6. Dmitri says:

    “Soviet Army” doesn’t exists… It’s “Armed Forces of the Russian Federation” please…

  7. Billy says:

    Hide tank? That work so well with the Iraqi,

    Thermo and IR imaging will give away that tanks position, no hiding the heat signature from the metal.

  8. Curt says:

    Pretty cool, until a critter decides to make its home there! Had a mouse inhabit my drivers area once during a training exercise in Germany once, and it freaked me out.

  9. OLUT says:

    The Soviet army?

  10. oleg says:

    It is not fake or anything. Those so-called graphics artists above that call it photoshopped and “there was no flash used” – what a joke! Refrain from saying anything with such certainty if you’re not positively certain, or else it just looks highly unprofessional and frankly, quite laughable considering your purported profession.

    There are several more photos out there of this particular tank and other vehicles being heavily camouflaged by the guy pictured and two others. They’re real, the use of a flash is extremely obvious in them and accordingly they all show those sharp flash shadows in certain places as expected.

    In this thread there are several others (and they are 2 years old, too):

  11. emphyrio says:

    Actually it can hide from infrared as long as it is not running.

  12. bigbobisgay says:

    Not one of you was able to find out what tank it is ???? T-80U … easy as 1 2 3

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