16 Can You Live a Life Like This?

Can You Live a Life Like This?

While some people are mastering nanotechnologies and launching satellites, others live an old life or a bit worse. Only about 100 people remained in the village of Novoyemakovka in the Omsk region. They have no Internet or mobile connection, and guest
workers do not stay there for long. But they have a farm where villagers work. But we want to tell about one Russian woman, Lubov Andreevna Lavrentyeva, the pride of the whole region, repeated winner of various livestock competitions.
2 Video: Crazy Russian Streetracing

Video: Crazy Russian Streetracing

Sometimes men feel that they can do absolutely anything. But such drift can
hardly end well. Next time they won't wish to do any trick like this.

1 Video: Doggie Dubstep

Video: Doggie Dubstep

Few people know that Russia has a king of doggie dubstep - the dog whose name is Bebe. He has been
making cool rhythms for many years, being the founder of the new "dogstep" musical style!

4 Video: Joyride In The Car of Daddy

Video: Joyride In The Car of Daddy

A boy with a company of his friends took daddy's Infinity to have a risky funny ride. Trying this near the
house was not enough for them and they drove further, to the city streets. Who knows, how it could end.
1 Caucasian Canyons Preserving the History

Caucasian Canyons Preserving the History

We are going to have a trip to an interesting Caucasian place - Fiagdon gorge located in North Ossetia. The mouth of the
gorge starts about thirty kilometers from Vladikavkaz, it's where one can already observe very beautiful landscapes.
0 Video: Tough Minivan Braking

Video: Tough Minivan Braking

Have you ever seen a car wich such brakes? However, when you break you may see what you ate in the
morning again. Will they be able to save the driver in an accident? Check this out yourself!
7 They Look Like They Live Today

They Look Like They Live Today

...But they died 200 years ago. So these photographs are really unique. Maxim P. Dmitriev was a Russian photographer of the XIX-XXth centuries, founder of the  photojournalismt genre, member of the Russian Photographic Society. He was
a talented person who travelled to all cities near the big Volga river, he took pictures of Volga landscapes, cities, everyday scenes and people. His works were awarded in Paris, Amsterdam, Chicago and New York.

2 Huge Boiling Station to Heat Million Houses

Huge Boiling Station to Heat Million Houses

All houses in Russian cities are heated by one source, which is called TPP (thermal power plant). They heat water and spread it over the city via special hot pipes to provide warmth to houses. Krasnoyarsk is a big Russian
city where eight months of a year are freezing cold. And how can such a large Siberian city be heated from one source? It's impossible. So the city has three sources like this. One of them is TPP - 3.

1 What a Fabulous Place!

What a Fabulous Place!

Today you have a chance to see Moscow from above in summer. We are going to have a flight in a
little helicopter with dismantled doors. So let us put some warm clothes on and start our tour.
3 Frozen Moscow TV Tower

Frozen Moscow TV Tower

We have already written about the TV tower of Ostankino which is located in Moscow and was considered to be the highest man-made tower in the world after its completion in 1967.
But today we are not going to tell you about its history and structure, we are going to see some winter landscapes of the Russian capital from this high TV tower.

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