41 Now It Is The Whole Family

Now It Is The Whole Family

That girl we had before now has everyone in his family posing in the same style - highlighted
eyes, pale skin. They even got their grandad doing this thing. And a cat. How sweet!

5 This is Big Luck!

This is Big Luck!

No, really, one of the luckiest peds ever! First this car, then the tree. What did she
feel at that moment? Anyway, she should celebrate this luck and her second birthday.
2 Russian Postman Knows His Job

Russian Postman Knows His Job

This is how they deliver mail in Russia sometimes. He never had his post stolen! Until one day he was
caught on a surveillance cam and then fired you think? No, not fired, transferred to another job.

2 Show Me Your Day! Part XVI

Show Me Your Day! Part XVI

Do you remember us publishing posts about those who went social and showed days from their lives? Since then many people did this
and some even did it more than once. It is still cool to spend one day with stranger, you can also become one of them.

5 Afterschool Fun

Afterschool Fun

The children didn't go home right after school, they preferred to have such fun... Here is the transcript: "You b**ch stand
still there! Don't move! Put your feet together!" "I am about to fall in..." "Bulls**t! I told you to stand still!"

26 Better Than Patriot

Better Than Patriot

Recently there has been held tactical training of gunners in the Russian Far East. The main task was to negate an air attack of an imaginary enemy. All main actions wereperformed inside the special cabin - command and control point. S-400 "Triumph" is the modern means of air
defence in Russia. These anti-aircraft missile systems have been on duty in the Primorye region for half a year already. We are going to have a closer view of the best anti-aircraft missile and gun systems standing guard over the Russian boudaries.
1 Go Faster

Go Faster

I strongly recommend considering a fridge to be a new official mean of transportation (when tied to the back of the car which moves
50 mph minimum). Also some vodka and drunk friends are highly advisable to present and video tape. Just like in this video.
3 News From Russian Roads, Part 65

News From Russian Roads, Part 65

When a car gets stuck in mud far from the city, almost nothing can help it to drive out. Even
if someone, who lives in thу nearby village, decided to help, it will hardly work.
42 Russian Multi Purpose Fighter Su 30SM

Russian Multi Purpose Fighter Su 30SM

We are about to visit another place, the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, to see new multi-purpose fighters Su-30SM made for the Russian
Air Force. Thirty units of this vehicle are to be built by 2015 under the contract with the Russian Ministry of Defence.
4 Birth of a Bottle

Birth of a Bottle

Right now we are going to the large factory making bottles in Novosibirsk, Russia. The factory started its work in 1954 as a maker of optoelectronic devices, cathode-ray tubes for oscillography and television picture tubes. In 1994 the mass production of TV equipment was over in Russia and the factory was repurposed to make glass jars.
Today the factory "Ekran" has a leading position among manufacturers of glass jars on the territory from the Urals to the Russian Far East. They make bottles for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cans for juice, sauce and other products with capacity from 0,25 litres to 3 litres; bottles from brown glass.

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