9 Somebody Built Himself a Castle

Somebody Built Himself a Castle

This castle in the village not far from Tolyatti seems to be some 3D picture or illusion but it's more than real. One of the
local villagers just realized his dream - built this castle and called it in the name of his father - "Garibaldi".

14 Moscow Destroyed By the Revolution

Moscow Destroyed By the Revolution

Revolution of 1917 is mostly associated with Saint-Petersburg. Many people do not know that hard and long battles took place in Moscow too. Bolsheviks were shooting at the Kremlin and many other buildings in the center of the city.
Hundreds of people died. On the pictures below is Moscow of those days. The battles for the center of Moscow started in October, 29 (November, 11). People were digging trenches and erecting barricades in the city streets.
6 Pure, Pure Teenage Horror

Pure, Pure Teenage Horror

Can you do this? No, I mean never, never try this at home, but still can anyone do this? Considering the fact that it was performed by a girl and... what if the rope wasn't good? Will this be covered by a
medical insurance? Who would be responsible a school or owners of the building? Well, of course they don't ask this questions they just do this for fun. But this doesn't make it less horrifying!
22 Head of Chechnya, Instagrammed

Head of Chechnya, Instagrammed

What does it mean to be a head of previously rebel part of Russia - Chechnya? You can get a clue thanks to this Instagram account which surfaced the net sometime ago. Looks like it is not that bad.  Have you got an
Instagram? Now you can start following the life of Chechen head too, though officially they refuse it is his personal account, some celebrities mention him in their replies. And the username is Alihan777.
2 Kiev Soaked In Misty Clouds

Kiev Soaked In Misty Clouds

What a luck for a photographer to take such photographs! Some may spend hours on a roof to
catch such shots. This is a photo story of one sunrise from the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.
1 What Happened Today?

What Happened Today?

It happened so that lot of things going on around and nobody notices. Previously, news programs tried to cover things, so we decided to have here a regular news flash too, the only thing we don't have a news anchor yet but hopefully
that's a temporary situation. In just a couple of minutes you are going to see things happened that you probably haven't seen happening before. And almost everything happened just yesterday. Or a few days ago. 
15 Need a Taxi?

Need a Taxi?

Next time when you visit Tbilisi, Georgia, don't forget to call this guy for a taxi ride. I don't know his prices but looks like you won't get
this kind of service anywhere else in the world. And for sure you won't be late for your plane. Two videos of pure adrenaline rush.
12 Repair of Air Defence Systems

Repair of Air Defence Systems

We are in Belarus, at the base where old and new air defence systems are repaired. The base appeared in the 1940s,  till 1950s it had
been used for storage and repair of unremarkable anti-aircraft guns. Today all Soviet air defence systems are repaired there.
3 Two Opposites

Two Opposites

Here you can see two ways of doing one thing. Like two extremes of
the same thing. The first one is pretty staggering. Here it is:
19 Army Makes People Kinder

Army Makes People Kinder

Army is not always stern with people. Sometimes it can make them only kinder, more tolerant and
caring. We have to take care of each other and fill the world with love! Just like this soldier does.

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