8 UFO, Missile or Something Else?

UFO, Missile or Something Else?

After the last Friday incident when a giant flash lightened the skies of the morning city Chelyabinsk, which was later dubbed as "Chelyabinsk meteor", people studied the available video recordings a lot and some of them claim there was some extra object
hitting the fireball in the skies seconds before it turned into a giant flash. Some call it UFO, some say those were air defense missiles. This footage shows some part of the research highlighting the possible collision in the skies.
21 Sasha from Russia Shows it All

Sasha from Russia Shows it All

Hello, this is Sasha from Russia. She is a TV Star and a cover girl. She is going to do a very special show here, exclusively for us. She is going to reveal a lot! And she needs your support in order to show more for us. Would you really like
to see more of Sasha? Then like, subscribe and watch! You have a rare chance to ask your personal questions or give the ideas of what do you like to see from the real Russian TV star and model. Leave your comments here!
2 Pure Luck

Pure Luck

This is what can be called to be truly lucky dude. Took it him just a couple
feet to the right and it would be truly tragic. But for now it is pure luck.
15 Ukrainian Highway

Ukrainian Highway

Do you know what it is like to take a highway in Ukraine? Here is an idea of the how fast you can go thru one of the main routes connecting two major Ukrainian cities. Also they say it
was fully reconstructed couple of years ago when Ukraine hosted world's soccer cup. Looks like it didn't last that long. I personally adore that bumping sound then and that.
44 Breaking: Tremendous Flash in the Skies NOW

Breaking: Tremendous Flash in the Skies NOW

  Breaking news, a tremendous flash in the skies just couple hours ago happened in Chelyabinsk city followed by a devastating sonic boom leaving hundreds of windows broken and lighting the streets of the city with light hundred times stronger than normal. Lots of people left their houses thinking that an atomic bomb went off near the city. We've got very awesome
footage here collected from multiple dashcams and surveylance cams around the city - hottest footage you can watch now on the Internet, including the full sound shocking sonic boom. This is really some weird stuff! Authorities currently broadcast warnings to citizens not to panic and carry on. In a few minutes we will add some photos too.

4 On the Cathedral Roof

On the Cathedral Roof

This is one of the St. Petersburg churches - Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood. It was built in honor of Resurrection of Christ. Besides, it's the very place where in March, 1st, 1881 emperor Alexander II was fatally
injured (it was his blood "spilled" under the church). The cathedral was being built for money collected all over Russia. Today we are going to climb the roof of the building to meet sunrise from there.

3 Fog Mystique

Fog Mystique

Murmansk is a Russian city that stands at the Northern Ocean. The winters are cold there but the oceanic water remains rather warm because of Gulf Stream, it does not freeze and the city remains an important strategic port. The temperature right at the water is -4C while at a distance it falls down to -25C. It's a place of quite a rare phenomenon: there are
three different temperatures at the same time and a unique winter fog. The temperature of the water in the ocean is never lower than 0C and it's not much colder right at the water, while the normal temperature around in the permafrost city is about -25C. All these conditions give birth to the unusual fog which consists of ice.
0 Sponge Bob Soviet Army

Sponge Bob Soviet Army

Did you know, that one of the most popular marching songs in Russian army is "Sponge Bob Square Pants" theme? No, really, it is being used in lots of army units, both ground infantry and navy sailors use it while marching. The real army captains (or other high ranked officers) got used to train their voices to match the Sponge Bob's captain's voice when he asks "Are you ready children???". Sometime ago Westerners were afraid of the Soviet menace, that Russians
can come to slay the free world. So if this could happen now, this Eastern slayers were going to sing the one of the easiest recognizable song of Western society (maybe so that the kids didn't afraid them). I guess you don't believe me - then watch the video. It's not just one army unit marching singing the "Sponge Bob" song, we've got a lot of them, from different Russian cities all enjoying the song, all marching, to the West?
12 Kazakhstan Ambulance

Kazakhstan Ambulance

Job of medical workers has never been easy. Today we are going to learn more about it and spend twenty four
hours with an ambulance team from Kazakhstan. So you are invited to become a doctor for one day, too.
2 What Happened Today? Craziness!

What Happened Today? Craziness!

Another newsflash and another day of craziness! Let's see what happened, and here is a little clue what you will see:
crazy guys with AK-47, Police officers trying to hijack cars (failing), poor teachers and students and some more!

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