13 Snow, Targets and Two Smoking Barrels

Snow, Targets and Two Smoking Barrels

...not two actually, but lots of more. Winter, lots of snow, guns, police, shooting, moving here and there just to move. What a life.
Little bit after some food, shooting from bazooka, AK47, driving a Hummer like a creature around and going home in the evening. Nice.
0 Wild Wild West (of Russia)

Wild Wild West (of Russia)

Location: Wild Wild West. Problems are get solved still in a cowboy style with a dominance of the man power. Though a car size might be a primal awareness signal of keeping out sometimes it doesn't work in wild west situations and then the secondary (previously
primal) human capacities like a size of the body and a muscle strength get on the first place. What can be adored here is the ability to make such a maneuver in the middle of the crowded intersection to change a route in a direction of the prey.

0 How Half Wool Yarn Is Made

How Half Wool Yarn Is Made

What fabric is used for making uniforms worn by workers of administrative departments, railway companies and by schoolchildren? How woolens are made? To get answers to these questions we are at the Bryansk worsted factory. Worsted is rather different from woolen fabrics. They are made
from long wool subjected to combing. Worsted is thinner than woolen fabrics and it's not fluffy. The material is smooth or a bit fleecy, it can be purely made from wool, be half woolen (when cotton yarn is also used) or mixed when other fabrics are also added.
1 Why Drive if You Can Fly?

Why Drive if You Can Fly?

So here is the plan. You go to the pump, get some gas, then drive out of the station and... fly away. Looks like
they follow this plan in Russia already, it gives you much more flexibility - why drive if you can just fly.
3 The Asteroid Shockwave: Shock and Panic in the City

The Asteroid Shockwave: Shock and Panic in the City

This footage from multiple locations thru the Chelyabinsk city suddenly hit by the shockwave of the last Friday meteorite can illustrate how really it would be to witness some apocalyptic event of either man made or other mass destruction and panic. People caught in their offices, schools, workshops all in one
moment break their daily routines and get a panic shock of different degree. It's a big luck nobody was seriously hurt and no casualties happened. Watch this video it shows the scale of the event and probably this is how a distant nuclear bomb explosion might look to the people of the city.
8 Missile Trucks Scattered In the Forest

Missile Trucks Scattered In the Forest

We already know that forests of the Moscow region hide many interesting things such as Soviet abandoned military equipment. Today we are somewhere in a Moscow forest again
and not for mushrooms, of course. We are here to find some large green trucks MAZ and KrAZ impressing with their dimensions, power and pretty good condition.
1 Tanks Clean Snow

Tanks Clean Snow

In winter tanks are used to clean snow in Russia. They roam thru the public roads sometimes alone, sometimes in group of four or fives machines throwing away the cubic feet of
a white substance. People adore watching the tanks on their streets doing good job. Though sometimes the tanks get out of control a little bit. Watch till the end!
1 Super Secret Army Soldiers

Super Secret Army Soldiers

This is a top secret video of new super technic Russian soldiers adopted allowing them to do push ups WITHOUT using hands. For now only a few skilled professionals have been trained to do this, but the things unfolding pretty fast and whole squads of extra ability privates
are being formed to date. That's another reason why you should respect and honor the army, as even the glorious fighters of Liberation Army of the Eastern China has not yet got even a slightest idea how to control their body force to achieve these results!
3 Defy Gravity

Defy Gravity

Instead of doing the work for those filthy capitalists, old school Soviet workmanship spirit tells a
worker to achieve more higher targets such as prove the world he can defy the gravity with ease.
1 What a Wonderful Day

What a Wonderful Day

Craziness goes on as we keep our eye on it. Some sports, some moving targets and some
other crazy stuff in our today's What Happens in Russia today show, don't miss the fun!

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