5 Russian Cat is a Smart Cat

Russian Cat is a Smart Cat

Russian cat knows how to cross the river and doesn't get itself into a trouble of touching this wet water! It
found it way and now can open the coaching for other (foreign) cats to teach them the skill of river-crossing.
1 Bionic Robot is Here

Bionic Robot is Here

And it comes from Russia. Real bionic motorized robot that can dance and move, dubbed "Ferrari". It's skin
is fully made of biologically connected tissues. it can't fly yet but we didn't expect it to fly.
4 Reaction Summarized

Reaction Summarized

A reaction of all Russian drivers to the Chelyabinsk meteorite show was summarized by one Polish brother in this short
nine second flick. Most of the people who watched confirmed that this is the best way to portray the situation.
8 Christmas Party

Christmas Party

Let's have another Christmas party. Those guys know how to party and they will teach you the meaning of
the party itself! Please pay close attention to each smallest detail of the video it is mesmerizing.
1 Russian Skis

Russian Skis

Do you know what real "citizen journalism" is about? It's something like this. You spot it, you comment it acting like an anchor, you post it and submit it. Then someone watches it and get the
positive emotion too, so everyone gets happy. Because it is the emotion what matters most. And yes it is about skis and someone who is so fed up with skiing he decides to quit it.
1 Top Four Epic Lada Cars

Top Four Epic Lada Cars

...of this week. No, when I say epic they are really something you didn't see anywhere before. Especially the excellent skill of the
winner and the durability of the second place holder. And don't call your Dawg to fix that. Ladas don't need any more fix than this.
18 Unfinished Submarines

Unfinished Submarines

Bloggers got into top secret facility where unfinnished secret u-boats were being built. They made the photos of something that was not being shown to the
general public usually as it might been used by the developing countries to build their own underwater crafts and challenge the leaders on the sea.
0 Let Us Break Some Cars After School

Let Us Break Some Cars After School

Lada breaking must be a special afterschool class needed to be implemented so that to prevent the Lada breakage happening on its own by the
middle school (and elementary school too!) kids around the country. You are a kid, you can't be harmed. So you can break a Lada. Or two.
2 Dog Rescued, Day Saved

Dog Rescued, Day Saved

Dog has been saved, so the day passed well. Both for the dog and for the team. They say it happened not just
today but a few days ago, in Eastern Russia where the Pacific ocean meets the continent of Great Russia.
1 Stupidity. Talent. Alien Languages.

Stupidity. Talent. Alien Languages.

In today's show you are going to see some stupidity, some talent and some alien languages. Russian soldiers performing African rap songs when bored - who would have thought of this some thirty years ago. The rest is mostly
plain stupidity though it is often captivating and should have its place too. But it all starts with the sheep. Real, real sheep. And no road cams today, no crashes, no cops. And you should smile at least twice.

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