20 Eight Year Old Doing 60 On a Highway

Eight Year Old Doing 60 On a Highway

Posted on February 27, 2013 by team

New stars in the Russian Internet segment appeared lately – the parents of the girl who was driving the new expensive Audi car sixty mph on a highway covered with snow and ice.


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20 Responses to “Eight Year Old Doing 60 On a Highway”

  1. rostit says:

    uhhhh wtf

  2. somewords says:

    audi car can be driven by a child … they have a maximum electronic aids, I do not think that would be the same with a lada. but they are stupid yes!

  3. AraZahra says:

    russian Honey Boo Boo

  4. Boa says:

    Reckon she`s sitting on dad`s lap, his hands ready to grab the wheel. Still stupid thing to do at speed on busy road.

  5. somewords says:

    audi car can be driven by a child … they have a maximum electronic aids, I do not think that would be the same with a lada. but PARENTS are stupid!

  6. popcorn says:

    he obviously wanted a son but she said “we stop trying now I have someone to shop with”.

  7. Osip says:

    Honey Boo-Booski, with MILF.

  8. 1934NFA says:

    Hmmm….Child worshiping isn’t limited to just the US….

  9. tobblach says:

    What’s going on with My “Sample Day”? Kaputt?

  10. stolichnaya says:

    What the hell? That was so incredibly irresponsible.

  11. rony says:

    MPH in the Russia???

  12. Bob greene says:

    Those skull glass’s rock…

  13. El Rey says:

    That husband must be a rich man. His wife is smoking hot and he looks cross-eyed.

  14. Paul Bankey says:

    Only 60 kms per hour…Not miles)

  15. Gayrod says:

    Unfortunately, she took after her father.

    And the mother is good looking enough to be an actress in Brazil (brazilian women have ugly faces, so the woman is far more gorgeos than ordinary brazilian women).

    • El Chapo says:

      And far more beautiful than the egotistic and self-pandering Mexican chicks I buy here all the time. That lady would be a Queen here.

  16. IamBJC says:

    ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? OK, now THIS is just beyond belief. I can see letting a kid drive a few minutes in a private yard with nobody else around or something but THIS? ONCOMING TRAFFIC? They not only endangered THEIR lives and THEIR DAUGHTER’S life, BUT EVERYBODY ELSE ON THE ROAD! THESE TWO MORONS SHOULD BE LOCKED UP AND THEIR KID REMOVED AND PUT INTO A HOME WHERE THE “PARENTS” HAVE A SHRED OF COMMON SENSE! As a cop I always said, “Now I’ve seen everything”. Well, even though I’ve been out of that career for about 10 years now due to medical reasons, I *STILL* find myself saying that EVERY DAY! Holy crap what idiots. They can thank their lucky stars that I am not a cop where they are because they DEFINITELY would’ve been arrested and charged with every last thing I could possibly throw at them. Eight years old driving a motor vehicle on a public highway WITH ONCOMING TRAFFIC no less. Unreal. Admittedly, it’s certainly fantastic to see that OTHER countries BESIDES the USA have idiots like that. It certainly makes ME feel better knowing that! LOL!!

  17. IamBJC says:

    BTW, I now that I look at it, one thing makes me feel A TINY BIT better. That “60” is KM/H, not MPH. So, that’s more like, what, 35-40 MPH? A LOT slower than I initially thought–BUT STILL…

  18. Tanya says:

    This car was not expensive

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