8 Christmas Party

Christmas Party

Posted on February 21, 2013 by tim

Let’s have another Christmas party. Those guys know how to party and they will teach you the meaning of the party itself! Please pay close attention to each smallest detail of the video it is mesmerizing.

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8 Responses to “Christmas Party”

  1. MikefromCanada says:

    This guy should stop drinking for a few days.

  2. ihs says:

    Why that video is in category “funnies” ?
    It is totally not funny – should be rather in sad and pathetic.Such videos significantly reduce opinion about that portal. Also I am learning a lot about your countries from that site , because here I can find more that any other source, and don’t understand the reason to put such trashes instead more and more curious and valuable topics.Cheers

  3. mike says:

    unfortunately i agree. this is sad… i like all kind of weird clips but this one made me sad.

  4. w says:

    Uncle Fester

  5. Alex says:

    This is truly sad!

    By the way, there is a lot of disinformation on this website. Bad place to learn from this site Ihs (username). A lot of things they show is actually from Ukraine and not from Russia but the website owners sign it as Russia. Overall, this website is the collection of all negativity and propaganda.

    • ihs says:

      Didn’t know, could you give me some links or sth ?
      Unfortunately I don’t understand Russian. Manyt hanks in advance. Cheers

  6. CaptianObvious says:

    I quite liked the tune, anyone know who it was?

    • FED4-user says:

      Very sad, nothing funny about it. The tune is by a USSR rock band “Kino” with a song “Peremen” which translates to (I want) “Changes”.

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