13 Snow, Targets and Two Smoking Barrels

Snow, Targets and Two Smoking Barrels

Posted on February 19, 2013 by team

…not two actually, but lots of more.

Winter, lots of snow, guns, police, shooting, moving here and there just to move. What a life. Little bit after some food, shooting from bazooka, AK47, driving a Hummer like a creature around and going home in the evening. Nice.


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13 Responses to “Snow, Targets and Two Smoking Barrels”

  1. Sad Lee says:

    Looks cold

  2. darkness99 says:

    “shooting from bazooka, AK47, driving a Hummer”
    original AK-47 is a museum exhibit for decades now, and it’s not a bazooka, and no Hummer here ever. Who writes these posts ??

  3. BH206L3 says:

    I like the dog!

  4. Testicules says:

    How many Russian snipers run around with the barrel tip jammed up with snow and ice. Answer: at least one.

    • Baron says:

      or holding the gun by placing a hand over the muzzle..
      p.s. he also should of asked some one to pull the trigger for him already…

    • Karl says:

      Answer: One that’s running around out in the field on an exercise and not sitting around being an armchair commando? That snow will just shoot right out of the muzzle brake.

  5. aqq says:

    Police with RPGs :)

  6. Bill R says:

    I notice the vehicle is painted white on the outside and camouflaged inside.

    Must be Polish police, No?

  7. IamBJC says:

    This just goes to show the complete difference between different countries. Sure, some of the things here that I saw were tremendously unsafe and I would personally never even think of doing them. As for the snow in the barrel and laying the weapons in the snow, etc., they are CHEAP. That is how they were designed. They can build those things by the truckload for the price of one HK-91 or P-90, etc. They are rugged and reliable. They have to be because the abuse they get from hard use and extremely harsh conditions requires it. I’ve seen where an AK-47 was thrown in water, completely submerged, then packed with sand and driven over by a truck. The guy picked it up, blew out the sand the best he could, put a mag in it and fired it off like it just came out of the box. They may not be the prettiest things, they may not be the most accurate, but by God they WILL fire when you need them to. Then you take OUR weapons. They need CONSTANT maintenance and cleaning to ensure that they fire when you need them to. So, which is better? This is what I’ve been saying all along in other posts–everybody brings something to the table and has greatness in some way. I just find it incredibly interesting to see how different Russian forces are from ours along with their equipment; but then seeing just how much we have in common at the same time. I would love to do a formal study on it, actually!

  8. I am a US Paratrooper; we train with NATO and WARSAW weapons systems so I can attest- the AK platform is industrious and operates exceptionally well in the hands of a trained individual. I personally own Stoner variant DI & Piston AR’s and Kalashnikov’s AK’s as well; all of which have good and bad traits. My Russian counterparts are trained and understand the limits of their weapon systems, you can bet they know how to hit a target.

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