0 How Half Wool Yarn Is Made

How Half Wool Yarn Is Made

Posted on February 19, 2013 by team

What fabric is used for making uniforms worn by workers of administrative departments, railway companies and by schoolchildren? How woolens are made? To get answers to these questions we are at the Bryansk worsted factory.

Worsted is rather different from woolen fabrics. They are made from long wool subjected to combing. Worsted is thinner than woolen fabrics and it’s not fluffy. The material is smooth or a bit fleecy, it can be purely made from wool, be half woolen (when cotton yarn is also used) or mixed when other fabrics are also added.

Worsted production starts from raw materials preparation. It comes to the factory in such sacks.

The wool in the sacks is already clean.

The wool must be manually sorted out. Defectшму wool should not enter the production process.

These are the samples of defective wool.

This is how a future suit looks like!

This is a blowroom machine.

As far as we are watching the process of making half woolens we need not only wool, but also man-made fiber. Lavsan, for example. It is loaded in another blowroom machine.

Carded and refined raw materials (wool and synthetic fibers) are supplied to the nearby shop via these pipes.

Now the wool is to be combed by a special machine. The fibers shorter than five cantimeters and impurities are to be eliminated.

Combing process.


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