8 Missile Trucks Scattered In the Forest

Missile Trucks Scattered In the Forest

Posted on February 18, 2013 by team

We already know that forests of the Moscow region hide many interesting things such as Soviet abandoned military equipment. Today we are somewhere in a Moscow forest again and not for mushrooms, of course. We are here to find some large green trucks MAZ and KrAZ impressing with their dimensions, power and pretty good condition.

The territory is surrounded by a shabby old fence from barbed wire.

Soon we notice missiles of the S-330 system.


When a missile is launched such a tube remains unneeded.



Fuel tanks…


… and the first truck. It’s a spealized system support vehicle on the basis of MAZ-543 “Uragan” with a modified front part. Looks hellish!



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8 Responses to “Missile Trucks Scattered In the Forest”

  1. davepen says:

    How many millions or rubles wasted on junk wasting away in the forest?

  2. Steve says:

    I’d be interested to know how the crew lived. Were the quarters just for officers? How long did they deploy? Impressive hardware.

  3. EvilMonk says:

    Did they find anything left in the weapon compartment of the MAZ launcher? I always wondered if in the abandoned military bases and vehicules we see on english russia there were any weapons left.
    Anybody knows?
    Thanks from Canada!

  4. terry says:

    Heard someone found a couple 10kt warheads and a full on radar at this place

  5. todd says:

    All i can see is money to be made in Russia do they buy scrap steel.In Austrailia scrap steel allot of money.

  6. IamBJC says:

    Now THAT’S what I’m talkin ’bout! GOTTA have one of those MAZ or KRAZ or whatever! THOSE things would make some FANTASTIC RVs!

  7. aldebaran says:

    I don’t believe that any weapon was left behind, only empty containers and broken down vehicles.
    It’s sad to see that much obsolete junk almost everywhere; no wonder the CCCP went bankrupt

  8. Jerry says:

    I wanna one of those car rewive to life :(

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