44 Breaking: Tremendous Flash in the Skies NOW

Breaking: Tremendous Flash in the Skies NOW

Posted on February 14, 2013 by tim


Breaking news, a tremendous flash in the skies just couple hours ago happened in Chelyabinsk city followed by a devastating sonic boom leaving hundreds of windows broken and lighting the streets of the city with light hundred times stronger than normal. Lots of people left their houses thinking that an atomic bomb went off near the city. We’ve got very awesome footage here collected from multiple dashcams and surveylance cams around the city – hottest footage you can watch now on the Internet, including the full sound shocking sonic boom. This is really some weird stuff! Authorities currently broadcast warnings to citizens not to panic and carry on. In a few minutes we will add some photos too.


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44 Responses to “Breaking: Tremendous Flash in the Skies NOW”

  1. Thomas says:

    WTF !!! I am a UFO fan, but this is realy something special, im looking into this, more info later. (This may take along time, my contacts in Russia are limited)

  2. isaac says:

    A rocket !

  3. mikesierra67 says:

    Looks like one 2012da14 asteroid partner.

  4. Mie Ite says:

    North Korea’s new stealth fighter.

  5. Carrington says:

    Hope, no people have injured.

  6. Nasa says:

    It was meteor strike from the overlords of the universe. Seems like the repeat of Tunguska explosion.

  7. grafreak says:

    transformers are coming.

  8. duckling says:

    That unusual strong white light as well as the string behind confirms reports that the meteorite what shot to pieces at an altitude of 20 km.

    The white light suggests that it might have been a small nuclear tipped device on the rockets of the air defences which may have caused the limited EMP reported. In any case, im impressed by the swift response of the Russian air defences. NATO kriegsfuherer Anders Foggy Ratmussen should take note….

    • Billy says:

      Keep dreaming Duckling. All Russian Missiles have a solid propellent that gives off a brownish hue in it’s trail. No hiding that. Do you see any in this images? No. This thing, what ever it was, burned up on entry and exploded due to heat and gases.

    • d says:

      You can get a “limited EMP” when a giant ball of metal is flying at obscene speeds above your head.

  9. JMK says:

    Watch the news!!! it was a meteor

  10. 70KokuSamurai says:

    Tunguska event #2. Why only in Russia?

  11. Temuljin says:

    God Bless the beautiful Russia!

  12. nofacekitty says:

    these comments.. I don’t know where to begin..

  13. Mack says:

    what if it drop down to Kremlin? Where is Air Force?

  14. Richard W. says:

    I can imagine the people might have thought war had started and they were getting hit with a nuke. It must have been very terrifying for a few moments.

  15. Darkness 99 says:

    Only Moscow region has operational anti-ballistic defense, usual AA missiles are not capable of taking down smth flying that fast (5000 + m/s)

  16. MikefromCanada says:

    Stay safe my Russian friends!

  17. Osip says:

    Pieces of this will be for sale on ebay tomorrow…

  18. mikesierra67 says:

    In a normal country, tomorrow, the President must to answer some unconfortable questions by Press. Especially in one of the few countries of the world (like Iran or North Korea) that not decrease their military expenses.
    The opposite it’s only possible in Russia… or Spain.

  19. Terry Smith says:

    It had to happen one day. The duck lips reached critical mass.

  20. CZenda says:

    The Safe Return Of The Central Buckle/Rag Assembly fired at Chernobyl.
    Comrade Putler achieves another cosmic victory.

  21. mewmew says:

    Best of wishes to the injured.

  22. Greenman says:

    your site is the best !!! Thank you !!!!

  23. cockatrice says:

    Glad it didn’t go Tunguska on ya. Nobody needs that. Did a pretty bad number on windows during a season where you kind of need them which sucks. As does flying glass.

  24. pas says:

    Since when does a meteorite flash so bright. Another Tungaska or perhaps the conspiracy theory behind Nicola Tesla demonstrating his “death ray”

  25. Moorely says:

    “these comments.. I don’t know where to begin..”

    I can do that for you.

    Most comments are from American inbreeds and the usual Zionist filth littering the internet, in their early teens. That explain a sudden influx of “meteorite experts” and russophobes denying that Russian air defences are up and working. Now, imagine this happening in any of their sleepy mid western towns, interrupting their activities in their local crack-houses and meth-labs. Running around like cockroaches, even after a week they wouldn´t know what actually hit them…

  26. BHC says:

    It’s a good thing this happened in 2013 and not 1960 or 1970..
    Russia would have thought America had dropped a nuke and Russia would have launched nukes on America. America would retaliate and say hello to the end of the world.

    Be glad, be very glad that Russia and the US have made nice with each other!

  27. d says:

    once again Russia survives another Hollywood Apocalypse scenario with bleak disinterest.

  28. blackjack says:

    This new Russian weapon that changes the orbit flight meteorite :)

  29. andy says:

    Sigh… why couldn’t this have happened on Wall Street…

  30. René De Beaumarchais says:

    Eat your heart out, Michael Bay!

    It was unbelievable watching the videos! Straight out of Hollywood but terrifyingly real.

    But why a sonic boom? It didn’t look it flew faster than the speed of sound.

  31. tutan says:

    Is the head of Stalin!!!!!

  32. John Arley Burns says:

    In America, you like to hit ball, baseball yes? In Mother Russia, ball hits you, and is not baseball, is flaming ball of rock from space!

  33. habemus papam says:

    White smoke over Chelyabinsk – Russians aleady have chosen new pope.

  34. Julio says:

    Wow! Imagine if this happened during the Cold War! The Russians would think it was the Americans who bombed and retaliate with nuclear missiles! It would be the true end of the world!

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