9 Somebody Built Himself a Castle

Somebody Built Himself a Castle

Posted on February 13, 2013 by team

This castle in the village not far from Tolyatti seems to be some 3D picture or illusion but it’s more than real. One of the local villagers just realized his dream – built this castle and called it in the name of his father – “Garibaldi”.

We are in an ordinary village of Russia.

And suddenly we seem to find ourselves in a Disney fairy-tale.

However the castle construction is not completed yet.


The whole village is like on a palm.

They say that the village Khryaschevka was founded in 1701. The first settlers were fishermen.

It’s the monument to local citizens.


So any dream may come true!

Location: Khryaschevka

via sv-bob

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9 responses to “Somebody Built Himself a Castle”

  1. someone says:

    Thanks but… Any info on how it was built? Materials, time frame, self-made or contractors etc? Is this actual stone or just an imitation made of anything else?

  2. Richard W. says:

    What a beautiful day, with the promise of Spring not too far off. And a Beautiful Castle, a Landmark. As Spring comes the Beauty should become overwhelming. Staying warm though, it must be as all castles, very cold in portions, with only certain areas for winter living.

  3. andy says:

    Combination of architectural styles: the castle is basic French Chateau – find in Loire Valley in France, and contains many decorative elements some of which even found in American 19th Century large homes (the roof treatments. )
    Nice thing is that this kind of building provides employment for many people and also keeps crafts alive – it surely cannot all be styrofoam!
    My FAVORITE structure in this swell collection: the pale turquoise Russian Church! What a fortunate little city.

  4. andy says:

    French chateau style architecture, with many design elements – this keeps craftspeople and workers in business! I liked the beautiful Russian church !

  5. w says:

    $100 says inside it is empty

  6. Antonio Oscar says:

    Very nice on all way around: architecture and design, but the builders would be nice to know them too. Humans could do just about the impossible: but by appreciation of such event; could give to them and more of the others stimulations to do more any were in the world. I admire any kind of work: because doesn’t matter what may be; adults just like any other children, doing for attention, for that matter even by being a writer also we have fantastic inspirations to demonstrate what human mind could change the world in many ways. I always save such pictures or the total page to see again. Thanks to sharing such marvelous types of art. 15/02/13 A.Oscar

  7. Babysitter says:

    Surprisingly nice design especially when we are used to see tasteless buildings all over the country.

  8. Orzowei von Hammerschmidt-Odeon says:

    The owner should pay attention to roof insulation. Melted water has frozen and will cause damage on structures in the long run. This is typical phenomenon in Russia where houses are badly insulated, in winter overheated thus causing thermal losses and severe freezing of melting water on building surfaces.

  9. IamBJC says:

    Well, I happen to think it’s actually quite astounding. It looks like a really cool place to live. I sure as hell wouldn’t say “no” if somebody offered it to me, LOL!! I think it looks great and would be a blast to explore.

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