12 Repair of Air Defence Systems

Repair of Air Defence Systems

Posted on February 11, 2013 by team

We are in Belarus, at the base where old and new air defence systems are repaired. The base appeared in the 1940s,  till 1950s it had been used for storage and repair of unremarkable anti-aircraft guns. Today all Soviet air defence systems are repaired there.



“Attacking Berlin!”


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12 Responses to “Repair of Air Defence Systems”

  1. antifa says:

    “It’s nice to see them here, not at some decaying dump.”

    Better still to see them up NATO´s kriegsfuherer Anders Foggy Rat-mussens *ss in Syria ,Iran or wherever Tel aviv sends him…

  2. Nik says:

    Dam that would make a great lawn ornament….

  3. Osip says:

    “Today all Soviet air defence systems are repaired there” Uh, what?

  4. Fred Johnson says:

    Looks like fun, I bet you could come up with some really nice old electronic parts there.

  5. moo says:

    I believe they also do digital from analog conversions for many older systems making them quite potent.

  6. edgar says:

    Ancient technology.
    S-75 and S-125 were used in Vietnam war.
    These rockets are 50 years old

    • vla says:

      Sir , our Serbian army equipped with S-125 system managed to shoot down an F-117 Nighthawk STEALTH ! on March 27, 1999 during the Kosovo War (the only recorded downing of a stealth aircraft).
      + It was also used to shoot down a NATO F-16 fighter on May 2. old but gold. we dont even have s 300.

  7. bg says:

    ^Still downing stealths tho… :)

  8. greg says:


    The incident in question had several variables you are not allowing for;

    The f-117 had only been in use for around a decade at that point- it never realistically saw any action other than hypothetical instances on test ranges. Combat had a tendency to my the hypothetical irrelevant.

    But the more important point here, is that the Serbian freaggin army put over 50 SAM missiles in the air around the general direction of the said aircraft “after a fuzzy radar signal was returned.” What’s more, the serbs knew stealth type aircraft were in use around the area. Put any pilot in the air, with around 50 SAM’s and he will tell you that the situation is even money odds.

    • IamBJC says:

      Not only that, but apparently it’s said that one of the ways they “detected” the F-117 is with cell towers. They didn’t actually “detect” it, it was that there was a spot of dead air passing through an area otherwise flooded with radio waves. I don’t know FOR CERTAIN this is the case, but it is rumored. What IS certain is that THEY AIN’T SAYIN how it was done because they think they can do it any time they want to. Another thing that wasn’t taken into account is that there was absolutely ZERO modification to flight plans. The aircraft flew exactly the same route every time without deviation. Now, given the superiority of American air power this is just a stunner and jaw dropper. Even everyday old cops know you NEVER drive and patrol the same routes every day. You NEVER establish a pattern, and that’s EXACTLY what we did. We did everything but actually land the thing at one of their bases for them.

      • bilbo says:

        according to an article in “warship” magazine (UK), the f117’s stealth was defeated by forcing the aircraft to maneuver by firing missiles that were deemed expendable(because unguided)there by exposing areas of the aircraft that were vulnerable to radar detection. the Serbs also employed the technique of displacing the radar receiver away from the transmitter, thereby increasing the chance of receiving reflected radio waves.

  9. bilbo says:

    interesting that the people testing cards are using what appear to be British industrial PCs.
    the case(s) at least look like Advantech IPC-510’s

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