5 This is Big Luck!

This is Big Luck!

Posted on February 7, 2013 by team


No, really, one of the luckiest peds ever! First this car, then the tree. What did she feel at that moment? Anyway, she should celebrate this luck and her second birthday.

Nice reaction! Bravo!


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5 Responses to “This is Big Luck!”

  1. Maik says:

    fake, look that car and pedestrian, its look alike they striking but on the moment the walker is ok and she is before that car, sorry english but look!!!

  2. Kent_Diego says:

    ER videos are the best. Many crazy drivers.

  3. Cor3 says:

    Hy guys!…nice video … but i need the song name pls help for me :)

  4. Wes says:

    The song is called “Here Comes The Sun” by Movetown Featuring R. Horton. It brings back memories from my last trip to Russia. :)

  5. Cor3 says:

    Thx the help mate :)…

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