26 Better Than Patriot

Better Than Patriot

Posted on February 7, 2013 by team

Recently there has been held tactical training of gunners in the Russian Far East. The main task was to negate an air attack of an imaginary enemy. All main actions wereperformed inside the special cabin – command and control point.

S-400 “Triumph” is the modern means of air defence in Russia. These anti-aircraft missile systems have been on duty in the Primorye region for half a year already. We are going to have a closer view of the best anti-aircraft missile and gun systems standing guard over the Russian boudaries.

The missilers successfully fulfill all necessary tasks defending the air space of the region.

The military unit received S-400 “Triumph” and “Pantsir-S” anti-aircraft missile and gun systems last year. They fully guarantee the safety of the air borders in the Russian Far East.

The S-400 uses 3 different missiles to cover its entire performance envelope. These are the extremely long range 40N6, long range 48N6 and medium range 9M96 missile. Each one has different capabilities.

The S-400’s radar is capable of tracking over 100 targets at ranges of over 600 km (370 mi), and engaging up to twelve of these targets at varying ranges, depending on the missile used.

Each air defence missile system provides simultaneous firing of up to 36 targets with aiming at them with 72 missiles.

The S-400 “Triumph” was put into service in 2007.

The system may hit aerodynamic targets at the distance of 400 km and tactical ballistic targets – at the distance of 60 km. Target detection is possible at a distance of 600 km. The missiles can hit targets flying low, about 5 meters over the ground (for comparison: the American “Patriot” can hit targets only at height not less than 60 meters).

“Pantsir-S1″ is a combined short to medium range surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon system produced in Tula, Russia. It is intended for near cover of civil and military sites from all modern and advanced air assualt weapons. Besides, it can protect a defenced object from ground and overwater threats.

It is a short to medium range ground based air defence system, wheeled, tracked or stationary with two to three operators. Its air defense consists of automatic anti-aircraft guns and surface-to-air-missiles with radar or optical target-tracking and radio-command guidance.

Aerial targets include everything with a minimum radar-cross-section of 1 cm2 and speeds up to a maximum of 1300 metre/second within a maximum range of 20,000 meters and heights up to 15,000 meters – including all types of aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, cruise missiles and air-to-ground precision guided weapons. The system is able to defend against stealth aircraft, and has capability for anti-munitions missions.


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26 Responses to “Better Than Patriot”

  1. B says:

    Badass like no other

  2. Bogdan from Australia says:

    Yeah… The Soviets have always claimed that EVERYTHING in the Soviet Union was better than in Yankeestan. If you could build the houses for the people as “well” as you build the tools of murder the Russian people would be living much happier life.
    Mos probably your weapons are as good as “Russkije dorogi” you frequently show on your blog…

    • Gazza from Australia says:

      In this case they are spot on. And who is to say russian weapons are “tools of murder”? It wasn’t the Russians who invaded Iraq on false pretenses and killed 1,000,000 people and destoyed what was once the most developed nation in the ME. And our pathetic nation? we went along and did as we were ordered by the Criminal-in-Chief. scumbag mercenaries with no morals and no brains, just the way the High Lords of Pax Americana likes its foot troops.

  3. wow says:

    Glad your country has such a fine weapon, When we join forces to cleanse our lands of the Islamic factions it will be put to good use.

  4. Billy says:

    The Best? Not hardly. The missile is big fast. Is faster better? No, just ask your wife. The missile is easily fooled with jamming and an EMP burst from a prowler. Even a local Avatobza would have an effect on the tageting. Speed comes at a cost. Once fooled, the missile runs out of fuel before it can re-aquire the target. That is why the Patriot is better, it burns less fuel and can stay up longer making corrections on the target. Never the less, a proper air defence is never dependant on just one system, it multi-layered.

  5. PK says:

    An army is only as good as its soldiers. As long as Russia depends on conscripts instead of professionals for the bulk of its forces, it will be inferior to Western armies. It doesn’t matter how great the equipment is.

    • roofius says:

      stupid lies

    • Gazza from Australia says:

      Western armies are no better. US is defeated in Afghanistan, and Iraq. You think they won? Your bases in Iraq are abandoned, and they are leaving Afghanistan while the Taliban waits for its turn to kill the traitors & collaborators. Pathetic loosers LOL

  6. j pigden says:

    If the missiles are so good, why are the last shots of a flak gun?

  7. Steve says:

    While Russia should be proud of technological achievements, saying “this is better than that” is generally just trolling. Until it gets a real world combat test, it’s just another system.

  8. No! Really? says:

    Russia has a border length of 60,932 miles.

    IF there are enough batteries and the economy could afford the quality radar for each battery, you might have something.

    But you don’t have any of this, do you?

    • momo says:

      Yeah braniac, have fun bombing trees and reindeer until you decide to go for an actual target. I swear, the level of intelligence in the U.S. is dropping so rapidly.

  9. Marcello says:

    You know we’re all one people right? We all have two eyes, ears, legs arms, and we bleed the same, so why are you fools fighting? (Points at Bogdan) I’m just interested in the amazing go-anywhere trucks that the Russians build. Don’t give a hoot what they bolt to them. Shame I can’t have one here in Oz, be cool to go rumbling through the outback with. Of course fitted with some neat tidy accomodation to the chassis instead of a collection of things to blow things to smithereens.

  10. moo says:

    At least S-300 can be set up quickly, and launchers can shoot and scoot in under 10 minutes. It took an entire month after Patriots arrived in Turkey to get them operational.

  11. Apu Gupta says:

    no matters what you all can say, the S-400 is still badass

  12. Viggen says:

    S-400 is simillar to Patriot system. Not worse not better. Patriot have one superiority it’s more popular. Israeli “Iron Dome” is also operative but it’s only one working system.

  13. Jyri says:

    Most suprising that 2007 released missile system is finally better than the Patriot system which is designed during the nineteen seventies and released into operational use at 1980’s..

  14. Andre says:

    If the S-300 and and S-400 were not effective, then why is the US so worried about certain countries that American like to threaten getting them?

  15. bg says:

    “you build the tools of murder”
    This is a tool of defence.Russia has a ministry of defence, unlike USA.America has no right to have such a ministry, but ministry of war.Get it?

  16. klw says:

    I was in the USAF in 1982, working for NORAD. If I’d been caught looking at pictures like these on my computer (if my computer could have displayed pictures at all), I’d have been arrested on suspicion of being a SPY! Amazing what changes a few decades brings. Good stuff, and what a great looking vehicle!

    • IamBJC says:

      Amen to that. I was in the USAF in 1986. I was SP at Andrews. Anyway, I mentioned somewhere else exactly what you said–that it’s amazing that we are able to see this stuff the way we are. Do you think for a second that any of *US* will EVER be able to get into a military installation in America and take photos of the hottest new defense technology we have? HELL NO! Isn’t it INCREDIBLY ironic that the single most “closed” and “repressive” society in the history of the planet has its citizens able to access this stuff and the supposed “freest” and “most open” nation in the history of the planet won’t allow us to even enter one of the military installations we pay BILLIONS of dollars to fund, let alone get even within a MILE of something like this? Pretty scary if you ask me. It’s like the world has turned upside down and America is more closed than Russia! That being said, another thing I know is that whatever we have now, that the public knows about and is known the world over, is NOT what our TRUE capabilities are. There is ALWAYS some fantastic new weapon system or piece of hardware that nobody knows about or are only a bunch of unsupported rumors that is actually in use and ready to go. Look at the F-117. It was in squadron service for over ten years before anybody even knew it existed. The same thing goes for many other things in our arsenal. Somebody overseas is always going to brag about having the “best” of something–until it goes up against something from America. A fine example is the F-15 Eagle. NO F-15 Eagle has EVER been lost to enemy fire. The Israelis have been flying them for many years against Russian air defenses used by Arab countries and NOBODY has EVER shot down the F-15. That aircraft was designed in the 60s and in squadron service in the 70s. What do you suppose we have NOW that nobody can touch? Time will tell. We’ll know in ten years or so. Another example is the SR-71. It outflew EVERYTHING ever thrown at it. It didn’t need guns, missiles, etc. All the pilot had to do is throttle up a bit and NOTHING could touch it. Designed in the 50s and STILL holds the speed and altitude records. So, while those weapons systems shown here ARE or MAY BE phenomenal, just remember what they are designed to try and fight. If a fighter designed 40 years ago STILL has never been shot down, how can anybody believe that the F-22 Raptor will be any different? ESPECIALLY when it is so far superior to the F-15?! Sorry, I don’t buy it. Do you have reason to be proud? CERTAINLY. Do WE have reason to be proud? CERTAINLY. One thing that NEITHER of us need worry about is going to war with each other, though, because I know that America has ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE to invade Russia. And, as far as I know (and I could be wrong here) Russia has no desire to invade America. Therefore, the point is moot. The people that will be using those systems against our people won’t be Russians. Therefore, they will not have the same abilities you do and will never have the same successes you would. Thank you.

      • Papa Karlo says:

        You are so wrong, the fact is that Russians just don’t give a rat’s ass about jobs and regulations. Working in NORAD, you were probably afraid of losing your job. In Russia, soldiers and even officers just don’t care, they can’t lose their jobs. We’ve seen recently how Russian soldiers in Ukraine posted photos of themselves taken during what was supposed to be a secret operations.

        That’s why people in Russia drink at work all the time. In every job I worked in Russia, workers drank at work.
        I’ve even been once taught how to drive a truck by a professional driver, after we’ve had a bottle of vodka between us! (That was in 1995).
        In high school (end of 1980s) I had a teacher in school, who was often drunk (a retired navy sailor), once he was plastered and could not walk, and nobody cared! This was in one of the provincial capitals of the Soviet union, in a downtown school.

        Another big difference, is that in Russia you are pretty much free to violate any law, as soon as it doesn’t hurt anybody else. And the authorities don’t care, unless they want to get YOU personally, then and only then you are in big trouble.

        Russia is not unique, China is similar – you can violate any laws in China, as soon as you don’t HARM anybody, For example, if you ride a motorcycle on a sidewalk in China, nobody’s going to object, if you are carefull and don’t hit people, even though it’s illegal.

  17. Skogens says:

    The only things Russians can make are military, but nobody would want to invade Russia anyway. Why not calling Russia ‘Waste(d)land’?

  18. RW says:


    Did you got hit by a bus or something?

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