5 Afterschool Fun

Afterschool Fun

Posted on February 7, 2013 by team


The children didn’t go home right after school, they preferred to have such fun…

Here is the transcript:
“You b**ch stand still there! Don’t move! Put your feet together!”

“I am about to fall in…”

“Bulls**t! I told you to stand still!”




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5 Responses to “Afterschool Fun”

  1. YJ says:

    Future drug addicts.

  2. ChernoBill says:

    this is wrong, you should delete that !

  3. ayo says:

    bullies.. sad to watch…

  4. Madak says:

    Where is Darwin when you need him?

  5. vla says:

    one lucky thing is that bully was enough stupid to put this on web.

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