2 Huge Boiling Station to Heat Million Houses

Huge Boiling Station to Heat Million Houses

Posted on February 4, 2013 by team

All houses in Russian cities are heated by one source, which is called TPP (thermal power plant). They heat water and spread it over the city via special hot pipes to provide warmth to houses. Krasnoyarsk is a big Russian city where eight months of a year are freezing cold. And how can such a large Siberian city be heated from one source? It’s impossible. So the city has three sources like this. One of them is TPP – 3.

The thermal capacity of the TPP is 631.5 Gcal / h.

Everything starts from fuel (coal, gas, peat, oil shale). This plant uses brown coal from the coal mine which is 162 km away from the TPP. It’s transported by railway. Some part of it is stored, another one is crushed to dust and supplied to the combustion chamber – the steam boiler.

The coal is poured into such bunkers.


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  1. Bob greene says:

    Nice tec very clean…..

  2. Pedro says:

    anything but clean. pollution factory that is.

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