1 Caucasian Canyons Preserving the History

Caucasian Canyons Preserving the History

Posted on February 4, 2013 by team

We are going to have a trip to an interesting Caucasian place – Fiagdon gorge located in North Ossetia.

The mouth of the gorge starts about thirty kilometers from Vladikavkaz, it’s where one can already observe very beautiful landscapes.

There is a huge canyon near the pass called Kadargavan where water made itself a way among the rock mass.

Do you see a huge rock stuck in the canyon?

This is the Fiagdon river.

There is such a path for tourist along the canyon, where they can see the animals of the local Zoo.

Below is a 60 meters gap.

There is a little restaurant on the viewing platform.

“No entry! Dangerous Zone!” The bridge to the opposite side is closed now.

Stalin is observing local landscapes.

The monument to the warriors of WWII.

Verkhny (Upper) Fiagdon is a village of miners populated by about one thousand of people. They have a school and a kindergarten.

Higher, on the mountain, there are ruins of an ancient Ossetian settlement Tsimiti,  its history starts from the fourteenth century.

On the outskirts of the village is a cemetery with family vaults.

Do you also hear voices of the dead?

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