4 Video: Help From Russian Rambo

Video: Help From Russian Rambo

Posted on February 3, 2013 by team


If someone has a problem on the road you should not stay indifferent! Who knows how soon you will need help yourself. It’s good to see that Russian still has strong and polite people like this.

But why did the author of the video stay in his car?


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4 Responses to “Video: Help From Russian Rambo”

  1. robin yates says:

    good samaritans come in all shapes and sizes

  2. El Rey says:

    A nice change to see this, instead of all the crazy seeders and people with guns and baseball bats.

  3. Klaus says:

    a men like a bear

  4. Klaus says:

    The Lada driver is an idiot, the same with the Kamara.

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