19 Popular Training Location in Kiev

Popular Training Location in Kiev

Posted on February 3, 2013 by team

Kiev Gym 2 2

Life is full of amazing things we don’t even know about. When we have a chance to see them we feel bright emotions and delight. One of such things is an unusual gym in Kiev, Ukraine.

Kiev Gym 2 1Kiev Gym 2 3

Many people come here not for fun but for good training.


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19 Responses to “Popular Training Location in Kiev”

  1. Russiafan says:

    Why are the weights chained to their supporters? To keep people from stealing them? I suppose it makes sense in a free outdoor gym.

    • antinevralgic says:

      For example, in Romania gypsies would scrap all the metal in there in maximum 2 days… so it makes sense

    • Ivanna Benderova says:

      Were talking about a country where people steal manhole covers from the street to sell for scrap metal. You should try driving there without destroying your car.

    • x says:

      the harder part is lower down in the lift. as it’s lifted higher the chains add more weight where normally it wouldn’t be too difficult now is high resistance all through the movement.

  2. Ionut P says:

    to be more heavier :) the chain itself weights more than the discs. but where is the shower.. maybe a nearby lake?

  3. Roman says:

    Yes so no body will jack them

  4. Osip says:

    Gym created from re-purposed railway iron and tank parts…kudos!

    • petrohof says:

      yes, i saw the tank track parts, forklift wheels i think, maybe some engine flywheels. all good use of scrap metal

  5. Mike Talino says:

    There’s a beach gym in California which looks EXACTLY the same. Wow.

  6. antinevralgic says:

    I love Ukraine… gorgeous girls, nice friendly people and good prices… Ukraine is a very cool country

  7. Muzzlehatch says:

    The last picture: ring for mud wrestling.

  8. Fred Johnson says:

    Because working out barefoot, is so safe…. Good grief!

  9. Jim-Bob says:

    In the United States, the scrappers would do the same. Here, abandoned houses are stripped of their plumbing and wiring so that it can be sold for scrap to feed drug habits or pay living expenses. Some scrappers are legit and only get their scrap legally, but some are desperate people who don’t care who they hurt.

    • cockatrice says:

      Ah, the beauty of the Econolypse of 2007. We’ve had that happen in a few McMansionville Ghost Towns around here. Anything left empty eventually gets the copper stripped to be converted to Meth for injection. Relatively nice looking from the outside, foreclosed and bankster owned, open the door and view the mess.

  10. christo says:

    I am afraid that some of the painted irons are rusty. It is very, very dangerous

  11. cockatrice says:

    Welcome to the “Scrapyard Gym & Sauna”.
    Use our Waste to trim your Waist.

  12. Tom says:

    I came to this post to see some half naked Ukranian men sweat and lifts weights. Instead of that I got to see some backs, some blurry figures and a lot of metal. Please review the post and add photos as necessary.

  13. John says:

    I suppose everybody’s just getting ready for snow shoveling season.

  14. Sergei says:

    I used to go to this place when I lived in Kiev. After a couple of drunks dragged away 100 kg barbell once everything got chained up. Now you can hear chains clinging from far far away. Sounds very cool!

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