7 Soviet People Before the War

Soviet People Before the War

Now we are going to see some works of a prominent photojournalist and photographer Arkady
Shaikhet. All the pictures presented below were taken in the period of 1925-1930.
0 M4, the Big Soviet Strategic Bomber

M4, the Big Soviet Strategic Bomber

On the photo above is a strategic bomber M4 designed by the Myasishchev design bureau in the beginning of the fifties. When it first appeared in public,
at the military parade 1954 over Red Square, it deeply impressed people. It was the first time they saw such a big strategic bomber in the sky.
3 Four Seasons of the Big River

Four Seasons of the Big River

One of the greatest river of Russia - Yenisei flows from Mongolia through Siberia and falls into the Arctic Ocean. We
are going to show you Yenisei photographs of Ilya Naimushin from Reuters Agency taken in different seasons.

10 Crafty Kids

Crafty Kids

Many parents complain that their children are only interested in video games and computers but still there are some places where kids create something with their
own hands. We are about to visit the place in Kazakhstan where boys (and not only!) make helicopters and planes and send their creations up in the sky.
6 Solo Travel to the Highest Mountain

Solo Travel to the Highest Mountain

Elbrus is the highest mountain of Russia and Europe (5642 m above sea level). It's hard to breathe on its top, you don't gasp but it's just hard to work or do anything (as if you've just run up on the tenth floor). One has to acclimatize first. There are some shelters for
acclimatization on the mountain, but around are only snow and stones. So it's better to walk somewhere near the mountain first. If you try to do it without training, mountain sickness is guaranteed: severe headache, vomiting, and in the worst case - pulmonary or brain edema.
7 Video: Winter Fishing Goes Wrong

Video: Winter Fishing Goes Wrong

The guy came to the ice river for a big fish but will have to come home without any
fish and without his car. Couldn't he find a better place to leave his car at?
8 Moscow Suburbs Out of Robinson 44 Window

Moscow Suburbs Out of Robinson 44 Window

Robinson 44 started its flight on a cold day 20th of October 2012 from the heliport "Volen" of Moscow to fly over
the city suburbs. We are going to join the pilots and observe the Russian capital from above once again.
0 Video: Traffic Lights Killer

Video: Traffic Lights Killer

This incident happened in the city of Bratsk, Russia in January 13th, 2013. A truck loaded with timber was
going at high speed, destroyed traffic lights, probably did not even notice it and kept moving on...
1 Solid Ice Toyota Car

Solid Ice Toyota Car

Such a cool Toyota Land Cruiser (Lexus GX) appeared in the ice city of Perm.  Not
only children enjoy to drive it but adults as well. Respect to those who made it!
Fur Farm 22
18 Dead Critters Processing Unit

Dead Critters Processing Unit

Passions always run high over all these fur coats - expensive and beautiful. Some people dream to buy such a posh thing, others are sure they are not worth killing dozens of
animals. This way or another fur business is nearly always profitable. Today we are going to visit a private fur farm in Belarus and see how they work there.

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