3 Tram Accidents In the USSR

Tram Accidents In the USSR

Trams have been used in Russia for more than a century. And the history of this mode of transport had
many tragic pages. We are going to show the most famous tram accidents the country has seen.
12 How Windows Are Born

How Windows Are Born

Many of us have plastic windows at home but do you know how they are made? Why do they significantly reduce noise, why doesn't moisture get
inside? To get answers to these questions we are going to the Kransoyarsk company "Okno" ("Window") which makes windows for the city.
6 Life And Work of the Military Airfield

Life And Work of the Military Airfield

January 22nd is a day of air defence in Russia. On such an occasion some bloggers and journalists were invited to an
airfield called Central Uglovaya in the Russian Far East. We are going to join them and see how the airfield works.

0 Video: Road Signs Are Not For Them

Video: Road Signs Are Not For Them

This rather looks funny and sad. Three cars simultaneously turned to the right trying to avoid
troubles. What an awesome coincidence they all met at one place of Minsk, Belarus, that day!
2 Video: Extreme Riding on the Main City Street

Video: Extreme Riding on the Main City Street

Russian city Novopolotsk is a city of those who likes unusual extreme riding. And they have fun right in the centre of the city! They ride on tires, on
a fridge door and other stuff with speed of 20-30 km/h. Police detains and fines them but the next day they come again with a new crazy idea.

23 Nazi Soldier in the Russian Village

Nazi Soldier in the Russian Village

Asmus Remmer was a German photographer who specialized in portraiture, genre and landscape photography. He had his own photo studio and lab. In the period from
1940-1945 he was an infantry soldier of Wehrmacht. In May 1945 he found himself in the American POW camp which he left in autumn of the same year.

12 Rapidly Crumbling Abandoned Mine

Rapidly Crumbling Abandoned Mine

Today we are going to find ourselves in the very huge abandoned mine which is decaying and crumbling
rather fast. Maybe it's the last opportunity to show it to you though it is dangerous to be here.

46 Revolution in Pictures

Revolution in Pictures

Ivan Vladimirov (1869-1947) was a painter of battle scenes of Russian-Japanese war, the revolution of 1905 and WWI. He worked in police and painted not from someone's words but from what he saw with his own
eyes. Unfortunately I. Vladimirov finally turned into quite an ordinary battle-painter, who began to create in the style of mimetic socialist realism (to serve the interests of the Soviet leaders).
11 Craziness, Part XIII

Craziness, Part XIII

In the selection of crazy pictures today: highest Russian snow, the most awesome drawing on the dirty
truck, carpets in places where they should not be, weird fur fashion, strange parking and much more.
5 Video: When God Gives You A Chance To Avoid Troubles

Video: When God Gives You A Chance To Avoid Troubles

Sometimes God gives you a chance, several seconds only, in order you could do something right and avoid troubles and maybe
even survive. The author of this video failed to properly use those six seconds generously given by God to him.

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