13 Inhabited Landfill

Inhabited Landfill

How is it like to sleep in a big bag filled with old blankets in winter? To wash once a week at best? To find home under the planking covered
with linoleum? To earn a living by sorting wastes? We are going to visit one landfill in Belarus and find answers to these questions.
2 Video: DIY Snow Cleaning Device

Video: DIY Snow Cleaning Device

Most of the Russian cities are ready for a cold season. But in some of them people are not sure if it
starts to snow or not. And the more sudden winter is the more ridiculous snow cleaning devices are...
9 Video: One Busy Tank

Video: One Busy Tank

We have seen a lot of weird stuff on the Russian roads. And we have got used to the fact that Russian car cams
never fail to deliver more weirdness. This video was taken the other day in the city of Nizhny Tagil.

1 Pilot Project: 25000 Toyota Suvs a Year

Pilot Project: 25000 Toyota Suvs a Year

Last week there started a new pilot project of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado manufacture. They plan to make up to twenty five thousand Japanese offroad cars a year. According to the workers of
the factory, the average time for each vehicle at any assembly line is about fifteen minutes. Serial production of the suvs in Vladivostok will be launched in February 2013.
4 Tanks of the Russian Empire

Tanks of the Russian Empire

The Russian Empire was the first country in the world which officially accepted armoured cars for service. It happened in 1908  when the Russian army
received ten armoured cars built by the French company Charron, Girardot et Voigt designed under the project of a Russian officer M. Nakashidze.
0 Video: Inventive Granny

Video: Inventive Granny

Russian grannies are rather inventive. They still remember the time of deficit, when one thing was often replaced by another, purpose of
which was often too far from how it was actually used. This granny did not get lost at the ice slide having no sled for her grandson.

16 Selling Washer Fluid at Minus 30

Selling Washer Fluid at Minus 30

One can see them almost in any street of Moscow. Breaking all the rules, having no certificates and permitting documents, putting
themselves at risk and having no reflective clothing, they are selling wash fluid used at very low temperatures by drivers.
11 The Story of Another Bench

The Story of Another Bench

Last year we showed you a story of one bench through the four seasons. Today we want to present another bench story. This
one was being shot during summer 2012. It has seen a lot either: friendship, love, loneliness and betrayals...

4 Video: Wild Boar Village Rodeo

Video: Wild Boar Village Rodeo

We have many entertainments in cities, but how should people have fun in villages?
Sometimes they find ways which make city citizens laugh. Check out the Russian village

13 The Old Rusty Submarine

The Old Rusty Submarine

The village Nicola is located where the Angara river flows out of Baikal lake. There is an interesting submarine at one of the local
tourist complexes and we are going to show it to you right now. In fact it's a model of a submarine but everything is like real.

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