1 Last Refuge of Aircraft Engines

Last Refuge of Aircraft Engines

Yes, we still can see interesting models and installations of the Soviet science achivements, researches and inventions. But some of them are hidden from our eyes, they are stored at places we cannot easily enter when we want. Aircraft engines are fascinating and
impressive. They are so complicated and huge, their purpose is to lift not only themselves up in the air but also loaded aircrafts. So it is always interesting to examine and touch them, even if they are abandoned and are going to be scrapped soon.

4 Minister Gets Stuck In the Elevator

Minister Gets Stuck In the Elevator

Someone gets stuck in an elevator? Nothing special. But it's not just someone, and not just an ordinary elevator. It's Minister of Health of the
Republic of Komi, Russia, who got stuck in the elevator of the Children's Republican Hospital, newly equipped for millions of budget rubles...
7 Assorted Russia, Part 68

Assorted Russia, Part 68

A strange double helix cloud was spotted just outside Moscow, Russia. While it is not entirely
known what caused such a phenomenon, there is a fairly extensive investigation under way.
4 Video: Find a Better Place For Sitting!

Video: Find a Better Place For Sitting!

The girl sat on the trunk of someone's car and didn't expect the
driver is in and is ready to go. But this is exactly what he did.

6 Craziness, Part XIV

Craziness, Part XIV

In the selection of craziness today are scary children's playgrounds, strict teachers and religious
rituals, weird fashion, amazing pictures created on cars and much more to make you smile.

9 USB Flamethrower

USB Flamethrower

One guy decided to make a cool flamethrower from a lighter and place a card reader inside. The old picture of the man with a flamethrower
behind his back, found in the Internet, inspired the guy. Look at the process of making the USB flamethrower and the result itself.
3 Video: Punishment For the Insolent Driver

Video: Punishment For the Insolent Driver

The author was cut off by another car whose driver was definitely searching for a conflict. However the author
not only avoided the conflict but also punished the insolent driver in the way he could not expect.
0 Video: Girl Goes On the Swings

Video: Girl Goes On the Swings

This girl had to let little children to swing instead of her. She wouldn't look this
stupid then. Who knows maybe she will try it again - it made her laugh, too.
2 Huge And Beautiful Hydro Power Plant

Huge And Beautiful Hydro Power Plant

Chirkei hydro power plant is situated on the Sulak river of Dagestan. It is the largest HPP in the North Caucasus, the highest arch dam of Russia. And probably it is also one of the most beautiful dams in the country. Its construction began in 1964 and
finished in 1978. The main structure of the HPP is the dam, of course, the beautiful arch 232,5 meters (763 ft) high and 338 meters (1109 ft) long. The width of the dam is from six (only six!) (19.7 ft) to thirty meters (98.4 ft)!
1 Burried In Snow, Naked

Burried In Snow, Naked

A citizen of Coloma, Ukraine, whose name is Alexey Gutsulyak, broke the record of staying naked in the snow. He lay in the snow for 1 hour 20 minutes which is twenty minutes more than the previous record set by the Japanese. According to the new
record-holder he meditates like Tibetan monks while being in snow, thinks about summer. It can become possible only upon a long training and quenching. The record claims to be included into the Guiness Book of World Records.

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