4 Russian Willie Wonkas At Work

Russian Willie Wonkas At Work

Posted on January 31, 2013 by team

This is one of the sweetest factories in Russia. It was built in 1970 under the project of an Italian company “Carle and Montanari”. In 1995 the factory started its cooperation with “Nestle” company. Today it makes a big variety of chocolate sweets.

All Nestle products produced in Russia are made here, at this factory of Samara.

“Winners of the international Nestle contest in the sphere of innovations”.

“Each fruit of a cacao tree contains 30-50 beans”.

The model of the cacao trees plantation.

Much attention is paid to safety measures.

All workers necessarily wash their hands and put their uniforms on.

We are going up to the third floor where cacao beans are crushed.

There are a lot of doorplates at the factory.

The workers are forbidden to wear jewelry except smooth engagement rings, women are also forbidden to wear false nails and to use nail polish.

Roasted cacao-beans.

Crushing machine.

Cocoa mass goes to to the press machine where it turns into cacao butter.

Each piece weighs twenty kilograms (44 ft). They will turn into cacao powder.

Cacao powder is stored here.

Milk chocolate is made on the basis of cacao butter, sugar, cacao powder and dry milk. Dark chocolate does not contain the last ingredient – dry milk.

All ingredients are mixed up.

The equipment is rather cool.

Various defects are reported on such labels. They need to be aliminated for the better work. But do not be afraid, it does not affect the quality of the product. It is related only to the efficiency of the work.

The green door is for people, the red is for trolleys and electric carts.

Taster is the best job at the factory. Yes, they have some.

Smell, taste, appearance are reported.

In the laboratory they repeat all the stages of production in miniature. Here they create new recipes, new forms of candies.

Nesquik cacao packing.

Hot chocolate is made nearby.

The moulds for chocolate bars making.

Foil is for making Christmas snowflakes.

This is a huge cabinet with chocolate.

Labels are attached to boxes.

And the most delicious part…

Cones are made from praline.

And are covered with chocolate.

Then they are cooled down.

And covered with chocolate again.

And sprinkled with wafer crumbs.

Try to restrain from eating some sweets now…

Location: Samara

via sv-bob

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  1. uliqed says:

    Mmmm, i love chocolate.

  2. Fred Johnson says:

    One can never have enough chocolate.

  3. popalumi says:

    Da.Am vazut un documentar pe internet cum renumita companie Nestle racoleaza prin unele parti ale Africii copii pe post de sclavi.Ii pune sa adune saci cu nuci de cacao.Nu ne mai gindim cu ce chimicale sunt stropite culturile alea.Nestle, nestle.Eu nu ii cumpar nici un produs in semn de solidaritate cu acei copii.

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