12 Growing Huskies In a Big Husky Kennel

Growing Huskies In a Big Husky Kennel

Posted on January 30, 2013 by team

This big kennel is located in Minsk and belongs to Alexander Borisyonok. The whole complex consists of some houses, an animal farm, cages with animals and hunting grounds of 34 hectares. There is everything here to impress a hunter – two bears, many wild boars and more than 200 huskies. The owner is a passionate lover of hunting himself. Alexander had a sports past, he was a world champion in powerlifting in 1982. He looks like a hard man but when he speaks about huskies his eyes become lighter…

Huskies are perfect for cold climate, perfect for either a private house or a big flat. They almost don’t have a smell and rarely fall ill. They eat everything you give them.

Alexander does not ask much for dogs. A puppy from his kennel costs 100-200 dollars, an adult dog – 500-1000. In Russia such dogs are much more expensive: 5 000-6 000 dollars in Moscow, sometimes 10 000 or even more!

The wild boars inhabit the territory of more than four hectares. Here the dogs are trained to hunt for wild boars. They find an animal, detain it and let a hunter come closer.

Alexander bought his first huskies in 1989 in Moscow specially for hunting. Then he started to breed and sell them himself. But soon he realized it was not for him. In 1990 he started to build an animal farm, and when its territory became bigger more dogs appeared there. He brought them from different regions of Russia.

The hunting sector appeared nine years ago. It was a reasonable desicion. Today he has three enclosures – four hectares each.

The wild boar is angry with the guests who do not give it any food.


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12 Responses to “Growing Huskies In a Big Husky Kennel”

  1. 70KokuSamurai says:

    Were is the dog fighting arena?

  2. denis says:

    poor bear

  3. Eu says:

    Poor animals, and I am no PETA……..

  4. Ghano says:

    What a pathetic operation! Another example of why some humans suck.

  5. 777zzz says:

    I can’t express how disgusting this Auschwitz for animals is. These so called people are worse than anything I know. They are worse than rats. These degenerates don’t deserve to live. I wish they all to die from cancer in terrible pain very soon. I would give all their lives just for one boar or fox that they killed over there. I hate hunters and anybody who kill or tortures animals from the bottom of my heart.

  6. CZenda says:

    The only way to hunt a boar is a single shot. If it does not kill it on the spot, use e.g. bassethound to track the animal.

  7. dav says:

    Pigs I understand raising but beers no places outside of the wild. Not much different then someone force a beer to dance. Training dogs to hunt real wild pigs good this isn’t .

  8. gal says:

    To me seem like animal cruelty.Big dogs on small crates , chains ……Not ok.

  9. Mark (USA) says:

    I’m surprised I made it through these grotesque photos.

  10. Bodzia says:

    To jest chore ,nienawidze takich ludzi,urządzają sobie polowania dla zabawy w najlepsze,biedne miśki,dziki i inne zwierzeta ledwo mieszczące się w tych zapyziałych klatkach,a wszystko dla rozrywki idiotów.Nie mogę patrzeć na te zdjęcia,rzeczywiście mają się czym szczycić;/Chciałabym spotkać kiedyś tych ludzi i ich przekopać,tak dla zabawy…

  11. Ivanna Benderova says:

    I know people who do this with coyotes instead of boars. The coyotes are very clever and actually make games leading the dogs and hiding/ taking turns leading the dogs around. It’s not nearly as mean as you would think. The coyotes never actually get attacked. Also these boars are extremely tough animals. The dogs are only trained to give chase and tire the animal.

  12. hound says:

    some people on here honestly dont GET what they are seeing…i see. these are HUNTING dogs originally huskies didnt have individual dog houses to escape the cold this man gives it and elevated areas to keep the pups from getting cold in one case it appeared the area was dry so he let them have it on the ground to explore. he breeds for a purpose and NONE of his animals appear to be in bad condition themselves which cannot be said of many household pets.

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