6 The Lost Land

The Lost Land

Posted on January 29, 2013 by team

The project called “Lost Chukotka” is an attempt to preserve the history of Chukotka of the twentieth century. This land used to have its settlements, its own culture, industry, military power, it was the place where many people tried to survive. Today these places are history. Besides there are no many people left who can tell about this land, the land which is grown with tundra today.

One photographer, who lives in Anadyr, Chukotka, has presented some photos of the land and called the project “Lost Chukotka”. He was striving to visit as many Chukotian places as possible and show them to the world.

Once in July 2012, he started his trip from the river Amguemy.

He was fishing from the boat, wrapped the fish with salt in paper for three hours and ate it. What restaurant can offer you such food?


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6 Responses to “The Lost Land”

  1. Dev says:

    we have a lot of these in the USA….they’re called ghost towns. When the mine gives out…people move out.

  2. Piter says:

    Really amazing journey!

  3. sinan says:

    Are those bear footprints on the fifth photo from the end ?

  4. R.Grinch says:

    “What restaurant can offer you such food?” None that wish to remain in business.

    • Thinking is great says:

      I believe you failed to mention “..the land of the free and the home of the brave” somewhere in the comment.

      I don’t see how the land of obesity and the bald could give any input on true value when it comes to food. In any of any category related to consumption.

  5. valdi says:


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