6 Old Mine Turns Into a Secret Plantation

Old Mine Turns Into a Secret Plantation

Posted on January 29, 2013 by team

Sometimes we can find rather unexpected things underground, such as a plantation of unknown crops at the depth of 300 meters. Local “agronomists” have been growing their secret plants at the place that used to be a big mine.

They mined ore in the 1980s and, probably, later, in the 1990s here appeared an underground “plantation” but what was grown remains unknown.


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6 Responses to “Old Mine Turns Into a Secret Plantation”

  1. Ivan says:

    And what were they growing??? I’ve scroll all the way dawn to see the plants… and nothing.


  2. bjorn says:

    that is just too dangrous to go in old mines you have to have a death wish if you get stuck then others will risk their lives to get you out

  3. mew says:

    No weed, no anything. Worst post ever.

  4. Kristof says:

    Looks like Half Life 2 – Episode 2 :)

  5. Ivanna Benderova says:

    Secret plantation???? I dont get it..

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