1 Last Refuge of Aircraft Engines

Last Refuge of Aircraft Engines

Posted on January 29, 2013 by team

Yes, we still can see interesting models and installations of the Soviet science achivements, researches and inventions. But some of them are hidden from our eyes, they are stored at places we cannot easily enter when we want.

Aircraft engines are fascinating and impressive. They are so complicated and huge, their purpose is to lift not only themselves up in the air but also loaded aircrafts.

So it is always interesting to examine and touch them, even if they are abandoned and are going to be scrapped soon.

Various measuring devices.

The old rocket engine lies on the floor.

It’s the entrance to the main hall.

There are different parts of fighter and helicopter engines here.

It’s a helicopter engine.

Meanwhile we are going up to the second floor…

… to find these models there.

“Social and medical aspects of alcoholism”.

Nobody can freely come here and see all this, but some people like to break the rules and only thanks to them we can see such images at least.

via lana-sator


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    AL-21F TurboJet Engine…

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