4 Video: Wild Boar Village Rodeo

Video: Wild Boar Village Rodeo

Posted on January 26, 2013 by team


We have many entertainments in cities, but how should people have fun in villages? Sometimes they find ways which make city citizens laugh. Check out the Russian village rodeo!

Would you dare to try?


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4 Responses to “Video: Wild Boar Village Rodeo”

  1. hawaiian says:

    the pig is domestic, the man savage.

  2. Clement says:

    But this video sucks, camon …

  3. Yank says:

    Oh my! Way too short! I thought I was laughing hard until I read hawaiian’s comment, then I laughed until I had tears.

  4. oroati says:

    Hi, my name is Ivan, and here’s the jackass!!!

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