13 The Old Rusty Submarine

The Old Rusty Submarine

Posted on January 25, 2013 by team

The village Nicola is located where the Angara river flows out of Baikal lake. There is an interesting submarine at one of the local tourist complexes and we are going to show it to you right now.

In fact it’s a model of a submarine but everything is like real.

This is a paddle-wheel.

And it’s the steering mechanism.

But let’s get inside.

It’s a radio station.

There is a wheel in the cargo hold.

This is an electric system.

It’s a furnace.


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13 Responses to “The Old Rusty Submarine”

  1. gcruse says:

    You realize, don’t you, that a submerged paddle wheel will take you absolutely no where?

    • Captain Obvious says:

      You actually thought this was real?

    • Ronald Brewer says:

      Yes it will take you too a place in time called time travel. You end up where you started with equal energy spent getting their and back. Best is no loose of time, digit. Steampunk 1 narrow minded 0.

  2. BH206L3 says:

    I really have to get around to going there, It looks like a great place to spend the summer.

  3. gorfop says:

    they forgot to paint in yellow

  4. Nobody says:

    No wonder we won the COLD WAR.

  5. petrohof says:

    well, it’s not really ‘real’ it is just a bunch of scrap stuff put togeather is a very astistic way to resemble something like a submarime. none of this stuff actually works.

  6. mew says:

    That looks like a great place to smoke marijuana.

  7. thx-1138 says:

    with some glossy copper an wood it would be a perfect steampunk submarine

  8. Osip says:

    Capt. Nemo where are you?

  9. Olav says:

    It is a steampunk art installation.

  10. mikesierra67 says:

    Nice… But I agree Gorfop: would look much more painted in yellow.

  11. Brent says:

    People who claim this isn’t real have no imagination. Obviously the paddle wheel is used when the submarine is floating on top of the water. They paddle to the dive point, then dive down.

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