8 Village Life On Soviet Paintings

Village Life On Soviet Paintings

Posted on January 23, 2013 by team

Arkady A. Plastov was a recognized artist of the USSR, winner of Lenin and Stalin Prizes. He depicted life in Soviet villages and it never looked gloomy, quite on the contrary, his pictures were rather bright and colorful, people depicted looked happy either at work or at a holiday table.

Spring 1954.


Going to vote at the elections.1947.


Female tractor drivers.

Breakfast of tractor drivers.

Midwife Akulina Larionovna.

Peter G. Chernyaev. 1949.



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8 Responses to “Village Life On Soviet Paintings”

  1. CZenda says:

    The motorcycle on the third picture is very probably Czech Jawa 250/353.

  2. John from Kansas says:

    Wonderful paintings by a Master. Thanks for posting.

  3. (r)evolutionist says:

    Looks like anarchist-communism to me; Kropotkin’s dream. (just eliminate the Stalinist cult-of-personality idiocy/lunacy)

  4. Johan says:

    Almost Van Gogh’s style? Impressionist?

  5. atm zakaria says:

    Summer.1959-1960.is good one,i will try to like this

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