7 Kremlin Luxury Inside Photos

Kremlin Luxury Inside Photos

Posted on January 23, 2013 by team

We are in the main palace of Russia – in the Kremlin of Moscow. Adult citizens of the city still remember its marble staircases, labyrinths of endless corridors and halls, red carpets on the floor. They used to run there, sit on the throne and even paint mustanches on faces of the statues. But then all the locked of the Kremlin were changed, and they started to repair it. But today the palace does not thrill as it used to twenty years ago. And how can it thrill when even ermine skins are plastic now?

This is Alexander Hall.

St. Gerorge’s Hall.

One of the main staterooms of the palace. It was called in honor of the Order of St. George, approved by Catherine II in 1769 – it became the highest military award of the Russian Empire.


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7 Responses to “Kremlin Luxury Inside Photos”

  1. Dev says:

    let’s see the toilets and pantries.

  2. Tom says:

    Finally in the last photos it looks real. Who needs such extravagance?

  3. tutan says:

    The good luck with the communists!They make good stuff,especially buildings,watch photos!:)))))))LOL!

  4. Antonio Oscar says:

    Kremlin Palace is marvelous in many ways if we looking the workmanship and design done there: We also should admire the one’s build that: many structures around the world; have had given admiration the way was done, and we never going to know the art and knowledge of such men done that. Also the management for maintenance of the Palace also must be done with pleasure of doing so. I have seen a few in the other countries: which my admiration for all of them, because all are beautiful on his own way. We must don’t stop thinking about what human race could do de good; but the problem also creating much more bad for the destruction of the others and themselves too. If we could have peace in the world; and understand human values, we all could do much more in pról of society and try to colonize some planets to do the something and save human species for evermore. A.Oscar

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